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RESOLVE: smart data alerts you about instore issues with DART

Author: Kevin Green

In the third blog in our DART series, DART Development Manager, Kevin Green talks to us about how the newest EPOS analytics tool allows field users to efficiently RESOLVE issues that drive underperformance in product, brand and category sales, identified by DART’s smart data algorithms.

RESOLVE in store issues via tailored interventions.

Do you want to supercharge the effectiveness and efficiency of your field team? Do you seek daily actionable insight on underperforming products and lost sales, tailored by outlet? Well, you’re in luck… DART is here to help.

Learn to tell the future

Data crunching is just the beginning. DART analyses daily EPOS sales data for every store, across all major Grocery retailers, for every single product in your portfolio. And it doesn’t stop there!

Once this data is crunched it’s processed through clever algorithms to identify trends and commonalities within the sales performance. This is what allows brands to understand the issues that drive lost sales per store, and easily identify product opportunities via sales patterns.  

It’s this information that DART uses to predict future issues, allowing field teams to be proactive before problems even occur.

The field team are informed through alerts, ranked in priority order, which guide them towards the most value adding interventions, thereby reducing time spent in store.

To recap, the 3 main benefits of the RESOLVE stage are:

1. Prevent lost sales: By targeting, predicting and resolving issues that drive lost sales across multiple retailers, DART allows you to prevent lost sales and improve your bottom line.

2. Increase availability and visibility: Live data allows brands to identify products that signal underperformance. This means field teams can act fast to ensure products have the greatest availability and visibility in store all year round.

3. Predictive analytics: DART’s smart data algorithms have embedded machine learning and artificial intelligence, allowing it to predict future issues before they actually occur! This means that interventions are prescribed to field teams in good time, enabling them to take preventive and corrective action on these forecasted issues before they have a detrimental impact on sales.

By using data in a smart way, DART allows you to DIRECT field sales teams, to ACT upon opportunities identified within the data, and to RESOLVE issues that drive underperformance.

Tune in next time to find out how all this TRANSFORMs your sales.

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We are a field marketing company who helps big brands sell more. One way of enabling field teams to do that is by equipping them with a smart data solution that identifies selling opportunities that are tailored and optimised for maximum impact.

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