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Refreshing Sellex – How McCurrach and Sellex Are Stepping into the Future Together

Author: Mark Fraser

With just a week to go until the new Sellex rebrand and website launch, we felt it was time to refresh your memory about what they do, how they do it, and why they’re a vital part of our business.

Sellex was founded as a specialist sales consultancy in 2001 with the goal of providing a pragmatic and straight-forward approach to developing and delivering client-centric solutions that help them solve problems and turn opportunities into profit. They have worked with a great deal of clients across the world, and their experience lies within the areas of Business Growth Strategy development and execution, Category Vision and Category Management, Revenue Management, Organisational Design, and Capability Development.

In 2017 we fully acquired Sellex, and it now sits alongside our field sales McCurrach brand and experiential Wave brand as part of the McCurrach group.

So…what do Sellex do?

We’re glad you asked! Sellex is a specialist sales consultancy that helps organisations solve problems, identify opportunities, grow revenue and increase profit.

Ultimately it boils down to one thing – how Sellex can help a brand make their next big move. They do this by helping clients understand where new opportunities lie in the marketplace and showing them exactly how they can best take advantage of those opportunities.

Discover the Sellex Services and who delivers them

Sellex operates five distinct services. Their work with each client is bespoke, because we know how each situation is unique, meaning that a bespoke approach is required to develop solutions. Here’s  a quick overview on how each service works:

  • Business Growth Strategy: Helping clients to find and prepare to take advantage of their biggest growth opportunities, internally or externally.
  • Category Management: Identifying how organisations can drive their top-line sales by developing a robust category vision and plan.
  • Revenue Management: Demonstrating how businesses can manage and optimise revenue and profit. This is also done by deploying a range of bespoke software tools to help them achieve this goal.
  • Organisational Design and Effectiveness: Showing companies ways in which they can prepare their businesses for growth and success.
  • Sellex Academy: Sellex also provide a comprehensive training and development program that gives commercial teams all the tools that they need to improve performance and build their careers.

These services are delivered by individuals who have many years of experience in several different sectors. It’s the insight and knowledge of the consultants and associates that is key to how Sellex operates. Their focus is always to help clients grow, and in the coming weeks you will learn more about these people, their extensive experience and what motivates them.

Just One Week to Go – what you can expect

We’re very excited to soon share the rebranded Sellex with you. As you will come to learn over the coming months, Sellex is an important part of the McCurrach Group and going forward you can expect to learn more about how they fit into our family and why they play a vital role in our growth ambitions and ultimate future success.

Keep your eyes peeled for more information on the launch of Sellex on May 1st! You’ll hear all about it on our LinkedIn page as well as right here on our website.