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Put a spring in your step this Easter with brand activation

Easter; a time to stuff yourself with chocolate eggs, hot cross buns, cakes and spend time with loved ones. However, for brands it’s also a chance to capitalise on another holiday season, so how do you make sure your sales soar this Easter? 

By the time Easter comes around Christmas seems like a distant memory. The gym gear we purchased in January is now back in the cupboard catching cobwebs and we’re once again ready to over-indulge in chocolate and sweet treats. Easter is a time of year that sees consumers of all ages celebrate with friends and family, and with this comes heightened retail expenditure.

There’s a common perception that Easter in retail revolves solely around chocolate and all things sugary. The long bank holiday weekend results in a surge in a variety of products from food to alcohol to toilet roll and electronics – creating a huge opportunity for brands to drive additional growth. With Easter spending exceeding £700m in the UK last year, can you really afford to gamble on your brand execution this year?

Think savvy but simple

Consumers may have broadened the horizons on their Easter purchases in recent years, however, given that they are more empowered than ever and spend time searching for the best promotions, this means that making your offer stand out to get the edge over competitor products is key.

Easter is the perfect time to leverage in-store promotions and engaging POS. We don’t need to drill home the importance of POS and in-store availability in such a competitive landscape – but it is vital that your displays are out and stocked with products that are readily available for purchase when consumers come to call.

Whilst ideally consumers would pick up your products early on in the promotion as an impulse purchase, we know an ever growing trend of last minute shoppers who will look for something on the day is the reality, so making sure your products are available and visible throughout the entirety of your seasonal campaign is imperative.

So, how can we help you achieve this?

Spring into higher sales with Brand Activation

Our highly trained activators can ensure your campaign is executed to perfection in order to stand out against the rest of the noise in-store. Whether it’s NPD, display & POS implementation or merchandising services you require, we have you covered.

Every detail matters to our activators, who function like your in-house team. We’ll act quickly to visit multiple outlets and do everything possible to positively impact your sales and success .

Get in touch with our activation team today to discover how to boost your sales this Easter.