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Pete Gilbert looks forward to seeing and recognising the sales talent these ladies have to offer at the Women in Sales Awards 2017

The Women in Sales Awards (WiSA) is an annual event held in countries around the world throughout Europe, North America and India, which exists to encourage diversity in the workplace and celebrate women who excel in a traditionally male-dominated field. We’re delighted to share that our HP Client Services Director, Pete Gilbert has been announced as one of the judges for 2017’s European event, held in London.

The event, which runs from 23rd October – 5th December when winners are crowned, sees 18 international judges take part (both men & women) across 14 categories. Each judging panel is comprised of 3 judges, and most will score 2 categories each, through a few may score 3 categories.

Pete was nominated to be a judge by close friend of McCurrach and long-time colleague, Lorna Leck, MD of Sales Activator. Pete comments,  

“I’ve known Lorna for around 6 years through her sales training partnership with the company, and I was delighted when I found out she had nominated me to be a judge at this year’s European Women in Sales Awards. I think it’s important to recognise the level of professionalism in the industry and also for sales roles to be acknowledged as professional careers, and these events and the surrounding publicity helps with that. I’m looking forward to meeting new people from our and other industries, and I’m hoping to learn some best practice from this year’s nominees. Also, it will be really interesting for me to be on the other side of the desk, as usually it’s McCurrach entering awards rather than judging them, like the 12 award’s we’re up for at the FMBE’s this year. Two of my colleagues, Julie Fedyk and Sara Bibby were amongst the finalists at the European Women in Sales Awards in 2016 so I’m proud to represent my company this year, albeit in a different capacity.”

Lorna herself has been a judge on a number of industry panels and has worked in close conjunction with organisers of similar events in the past so she knows what it takes to be successful in this position. On nominating Pete, Lorna comments,

“I’ve seen Pete in action professionally over the years and not only is he great at standing up and delivering, but he has a presence that helps him to stand out amongst others. He also has the right knowledge, skills and experience for the job so I know he’ll do very well and will make a fantastic judge at this year’s Women in Sales Awards.”

Judges are selected from various background including Sales, Education and Social Innovation and must have at least 15 years relevant executive experience.

Finalists for the awards will be announced on 23rd October and the judging takes place on 16th November in London. The awards ceremony will be held on the 5th December.

Pete’s parting words leave us all with something to think about for the future of sales:

“I wish that there wasn’t a need for a women’s only sales award to exist, and instead have a People in Sales Award with equal representation. I do however understand the importance of these awards right now, so until a time when diversity in this field is more balanced I’m happy to represent McCurrach in supporting both WISA and anything else that recognises and raises the professional standards of both women and men in our industry.”


 What are the Women in Sales Awards?

Why a Women in Sales Awards?
Encouraging diversity in the workplace is increasingly seen as a way of making companies stronger in the modern business environment. One key area of diversity is encouraging women to enter and excel in traditionally male-dominated fields. Sales is one such arena.

Sales is the lifeblood of every company. However, it is still very heavily male-dominated. The Women in Sales Awards has been created to bring a greater awareness of the need for gender diversity in sales and in executive leadership teams, as well as help grow the pipeline of sales talent. The awards are an opportunity to celebrate the achievements of women in sales roles. 

The Winners and finalists will be recognized at an awards ceremony on the 8th of December at the Lancaster, London where their excellence will be celebrated. 

How will the awards help the nominees, finalists, winners and their companies?

  • Just being nominated for an award has merit and a ROI all its own. Appreciation is a fundamental human need and taking the time to submit a nomination on behalf of your employee tells them you care about their development and support their career.
  • Being nominated, becoming a finalist and possibly winning will have a positive impact on the confidence and performance of the individual, and therefore a positive impact for the company.
  • The winners and finalists will become role models for other women in their firm and ambassadors for their organisations. Their achievement and recognition will act as an inspiration to others within the company.
  • Mentorship plays a vital part in the advancement of everyone’s career. The winners and finalists will be able to share advice and mentor others in the company based on their successful approach to sales.

The awards is an opportunity to celebrate the positive achievements of women in sales roles; and as a company highlights your leadership in diversity and inclusion.

The categories in this year’s event are: 

  1.     Best women in financial sales
  2.     Best Woman in Technology Sales
  3.     Best Woman in Field Sales
  4.     Best woman in consumer sales
  5.     Best Woman Sales director
  6.     Best woman sales manager
  7.     Best women in telephone sales
  8.     Best women newcomer
  9.     Best women software sales
  10.     Best women in sales support
  11.     Best women sales capability manager
  12.     Best male mentor
  13.     Best female mentor
  14.     Lifetime achievement in sales

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