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Our top tips for making the most of peak trading periods this quarter!

Author: Rachel Laiolo

Despite economy pressures, according to Kantar, consumers still spent an extra £450 million on groceries in the 6 weeks leading up to Christmas 2018. Saturday 22nd of December was the busiest shopping day of the year in 2018 with more than half of all households visiting a local grocery store for a last-minute shop. Kantar found that the number of shoppers in stores on the 22nd of December as 1.7 million more than the previous Saturday that month.

Peak trading times that your brand could benefit from...

Peak trading times across the last quarter are prime time for brands to catch both the early and the late wave of Christmas shoppers. For students, their purchases peak around the end of September when they receive their loans and are able to afford a higher number of impulse buys. For other consumers, there are obvious peaks around payday of every month through the last quarter. Due to economical pressures, Kantar found that most shoppers are managing the cost of Christmas by starting their shopping early with over half of those surveyed aspiring to start shopping for food and groceries early to spread the cost.

How can McCurrach help your brand benefit from peak trading periods?

At McCurrach we use smart data to influence which stores we target and how frequently. We’ve built a number of client and situation specific segmentation models to help our clients in targeting specific stores during the festive period. Our segmentation model takes various geo-demographic data into consideration such as age, income and the public transport index as well as field gathered intervention data like whether or not we have an effect in store. We also understand ROI for in store interventions, meaning we can target the right activities. When you add these three information sources together our Sales Operations department are able to score stores, enabling us to work with you on the right campaign for you. When you add these three information sources together our Sales Operations department are able to score stores and identify those with the best opportunity for our clients to benefit from.

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If you are interested in our festive merchandising services, we are currently running a promotional offer. If you purchase your McCurrach merchandising campaign before the 31st of October, you’ll receive a 5% discount! Check out our Terms and Conditions for full offer details.

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