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Solving the issue of how brands build visibility in the convenience channel

The growth of convenience means brands are challenged with how they build brand visibility in a diverse channel where it’s complex and expensive to target the right retailers and build relationships. So how do you do it?

The benefits of overcoming this challenge in convenience...

In this campaign we’ve already discussed consumers shopping in more locations and retail becoming more diverse. This combined with lifestyle changes has led to consistent growth in the convenience sector, increasing its importance to brands.

The opportunity is clear; building brand visibility in the convenience channel will drive both sales and profit, but it’s fraught with challenges. The channel is complex with little data, making it hard to target the right retailers and those retailers want a relationship with, and advice from brands, making them expensive to influence.

So, what’s the answer?

Here at McCurrach, we’ve been working with News UK to solve this because we’re both passionate about supporting brands and retailers to connect with each other to grow their respective businesses. We’re uniquely placed to support brands to increase visibility because of News UK’s access to the best convenience data in the industry. We can use this to target outlets and establish face to face relationships with 12,000 retailers, while forging digital relationships with 14,000 retailers, whilst also having the ability to offer end-to-end activation solutions in outlet. Combine this with our recent partnership to launch our convenience app, MyStore+ and we can offer brands the ability to directly and digitally influence retailers through trusted and established relationships to drive brand visibility in store and business growth.

News UK Retail Director, Neil Spencer commented “McCurrach have had a massive impact in News UK since we commenced our partnership in 2018. They’ve brought fresh strategic thinking to the table that we’ve not experienced working with any other agency, which will enable us to jointly grow our business whilst supporting retailers and brands to grow their business as well. With McCurrach, it feels like a true partnership where they drive operational value whilst continuously supporting us with input on the strategic direction of the business to create the most value for News UK.”

For brands that are focused on driving visibility and sales in the convenience channel we can:

  • Target the right stores for your brand to maximise sales
  • Deliver sales coverage through an established team with relationships in 12,000 retailers
  • Digitally influence 14,000 retailers to stock your brands in the right way with News Retail+ and MyStore+
  • Have direct communication with 35,000 independent convenience retailers
  • Offer display and activation solutions in-store to maximise your brand visibility through our own equipment
  • Deliver direct through an established network to over 3,500 independent retailers in London
  • Influence consumers through media and sampling solutions

McCurrach Strategy and Marketing Director, Gordon Neil commented “Our partnership with News UK has created unique ways for brands to deliver an end to end plan that unlocks much needed visibility and sales growth in a budget friendly way. These are the solutions that the market has been crying out for and we’re delighted to be partnering with News UK to deliver them”.

If you’d like to know more about how we can help you grow in convenience just contact us.

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