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New DART field sales app receives rave reviews following March launch date

Our latest field sales innovation, our new DART application, was launched just a few short weeks ago with grand plans to carve the way towards fully efficient sales teams in the field, and it’s already delivering results!

DART: the results are in…

The app was created for field users by field users, and underwent a lengthy development and testing process ahead of its March release date; and the impact of this is evident already. It was extremely important to us to make sure that the user experience exceeded anything that was currently available on the market, and we’re pleased to share that this is exactly what it’s achieving right now.

In fact, our first DART client has recently been in touch to praise the way in which DART has been built and the positive effect this is having on their team as a result:

“My initial impression of DART having seen it in-store this week is that the app is really intuitive and supports the field team in finding the right issues in the right stores. It is great at helping users identify the biggest sales issues in any store they visit. It appears really simple and easy to navigate the different pages, making the user journey seamless in store. It has clearly been developed with the end user in mind.”

Retail Execution Strategy and Operations Manager, Unilever.

It really works. But how?

The app uses live retailer EPOS data to pinpoint potential lost sales and direct sales teams towards these high value opportunities in-store, enabling them to prioritise their coverage in a targeted manner. It also enables our management and our client teams to track and manage field user and product performance at a glance in real-time.

In a nutshell, the DART app enables brands to Direct their sales team(s), Act on opportunities, Resolve in-store in a timely fashion, and finally, Transform sales.

Streamline your field sales team

Click here for all the info you need to discover how DART can help you sell more at less cost, or to book a demo with one of team please get in touch.

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