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Put your brand in the hands of more convenience retailers

Author: Gordon Neil

The rising adoption of technology by convenience retailers is changing the way that brands can connect with them; our new MyStore+ app helps put brands in the hands of more retailers in a way that retailers are crying out for.

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We talked last week about how to overcome the challenge of encouraging retailers to engage digitally with brands and avoid the mistakes of the past, where retailers had to visit multiple sites and platforms to access advice and rewards. We worked with HIM to speak to retailers about how to achieve this and their answer was simple – Provide me a way to access advice and offers for multiple categories and brands and I’ll engage. In fact, c. 70% of retailers are interested in using apps that make it easy for them to engage with multiple categories and brands in one location.

So, if brands are going to succeed they’ll need to do it by integrating field and digital in a way that retailers want, not by doing their own thing and making it difficult for retailers to access and engage. That’s where our new app, MyStore+ comes in; we’re revolutionising the way brands engage with convenience retailers!

Powered by our partnership with one of the biggest media companies in the world, MyStore+ is an app that enables retailers to access multi-category advice, offers, rewards, and communications from brands, and provide insight back to them.

It does this by creating a captive audience of retailers who are always connected to us digitally, meaning they can access content any time, any place.

All of the content available to them is action led, constantly influencing retailers to do the right thing to grow their business and yours.

It’s also budget friendly, because it connects you digitally to a large number of retailers. It can either operate as a standalone way to connect to convenience retailers or integrate seamlessly with your field sales coverage.

We’re rolling MyStore+ out to retailers now and have built a commercial model that makes it easy for all brands to take part, so if you’d like to find out more please Contact Us.

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