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The secrets out! Outsourcing is the way forward for Financial Service sales teams.

Author: Rachel Laiolo

This month, we are handing the spotlight over to McCurrach Financial Services to showcase a large, and often unspoken about unit in our business. Due to the high level of privacy surrounding our Financial Services division, the usual policy is to keep all information within the client teams. However, this month, we’ll be giving an exclusive insight into our most secretive company at Head Office…

Throughout the remainder of September and part of October we’ll be sharing tips, insights and best practice in the field of Financial Services outsourcing written by experts in the sphere. Our Financial Services division are an excellent illustration of how far McCurrach will go for our clients. We don’t take our client’s trust lightly, and so make every effort to keep up our 100% confidentiality success rate.

It is key to us on all our partnerships that none of our clients feel that they are buying a “service” more that they are adding an integrated part of their business model.  We work hard with all of our clients to integrate our team into their business by attending sales conferences, roadshows, team meetings and events in the same way as any in house sales team does.  To the financial adviser market, our team is branded the same as our client,  we have the same email addresses and business cards and whilst some are based in McCurrach offices even their workspace is given a makeover to enhance that feeling of belonging to our client. We look to understand the values of the business, we share the same vision and strategy for sales results and ultimately, we only win if our client wins through that shared vision, strategy and, maybe most importantly, sales targets.

Not always considered as part of a distribution strategy, outsourcing your Financial Services sales teams has been somewhat of a taboo approach in the sector. However, with success stories, such as the ones we will share this month, the industry is becoming more open to the idea of outsourcing Financial Services sales teams. Through blogs, case studies and 3rd part articles, we will demonstrate how outsourcing with McCurrach can benefit your Financial Service business through our modern and forward-thinking approach.

If you would like to understand more about our outsourced sales model and wish to discuss further how we can work together for the development and expansion of your distribution then please do get in touch.

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