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Make your marketing budget go further with React

Are you a brand marketer looking for a quick win? What if there was a way to generate huge exposure for your brand while bringing your campaign to life in store? Well, there is… AND the best bit is it could pay for itself pretty quickly.

360-degree marketing with tangible results 

So, you’ve got your marketing budget. What channels do you invest in? We all know brand awareness ad campaigns can drain your budget, not to mention the challenges faced with measuring the success of these. Where’s your return?

Introducing React – React helps brands invest in digital, radio and print media with a monthly reach of over 33M people. This gives you a proven approach for consumer engagement that creates investment in customer and retailer product sampling , thereby increasing your distribution and driving incremental sales in the Convenience channel without incurring additional costs.

No, we’re not kidding. In fact, with React every £4 of Above the Line (ATL) investment translates into a further £1 on Below the Line (BTL) activity.

A marriage of ATL & BTL

A wide range of options can be adopted BTL, and all of it targeted using market leading data before being executed in-store by our field team to ensure maximum ROI.

Some of the biggest global FMCG brands are already doing this with great success.

With store level data on 54,000 outlets, we know exactly where to activate your brand for maximum exposure to footfall, key customer demographics, locations, store types, preferred store brand or within stores with specific services.

One thing we can guarantee is React will help you sell more by taking advantage of retailer communications and notifications, sampling, customer engagement and lastly, through secondary display sites and link saves and in-store POS. 


Direct Selling to Retailers 

If you need to increase the distribution of your brand in the Convenience channel within the M25 you’ve come to the right place. We work with News UK's direct distribution division to target appropriate retailers with your product and sell it directly to them, to be delivered alongside their news delivery. This can have an immediate impact on your sales and is perfect for reducing distribution gaps or launching new products, while you benefit from direct warehouse and stock management. 


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