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Meet Jason Fox, Irish Divisional Sales Manager

McCurrach has been operating in Ireland since early 2006, and Jason Fox, one of our Divisional Sales Managers, has been working with us since the beginning. His length of service has seen him work across several accounts, so naturally we thought we’d find out a little more about his career so far.

“Whilst I was still getting to grips with what I wanted to do for a career, I started off doing part time work split between merchandising and bar work. Then in 2001 I made the move into a full-time merchandising role for Coca-Cola with another agency where I spent the next four years.

“Working with such a big brand was great for my development and helped me to perfect the tricks of the trade which I still use today. My efforts were also recognised in 2004 when I picked up an award for Merchandiser of the Year!”

Having become an award-winning merchandiser, we were curious about why Jason made the jump to McCurrach.

“When I made the decision to join McCurrach, they were just launching their business here in Ireland and it felt like a great opportunity to join something completely new whilst also giving me the opportunity to work with other big FMCG brands.”

In his decade plus tenure with the company, Jason’s worked with a few different clients. His career with us, it seems, has been a varied one.

“I’ve had quite a journey with McCurrach so far. My initial role was as a Territory Manager on a pet care account before rotating into the Unilever Ireland account.

“In 2013 I took on a short-term Development Divisional Sales Manager secondment in Bristol for a few months. It was a great opportunity to develop my skills and raise my profile in the organisation. I travelled back and forth from Ireland weekly for this role, and it gave me a better understanding of how teams in the UK were operating. It’s something I reflected on often when I rotated back to my Unilever role in Ireland.

“The next few years were spent working as Territory Manager until 2018 when I was successful in securing a permanent Divisional Sales Manager role with my current team.”

Of course, with such experience we were curious about what an average day looks like for Jason, but given the speedy nature of FMCG, there aren’t many things average about his day.

“Given how quickly the industry moves, being responsive is vital. So, I get my day underway with reviewing and actioning anything that has come through since the previous evening.

“After that I’ll often head out for field meetings, client meetings or to meet colleagues to discuss their coaching and development needs.

“I always set some time aside to deal with any day to day issues that may come up, such as delivery problems, and I make sure I have some time for admin at the end of every day.”

And what does Jason enjoy most about his role? Well, it’s his team, of course!

“We have a great time here in Ireland that really makes every day enjoyable. We all work well together with an understanding that we are striving to achieve goals both for ourselves and for our clients. This means working together to support one another, and it’s that sense of team work that I love.”

Here at McCurrach, getting the work/life balance right is really important to us. With that in mind, we thought we’d ask Jason what he likes to do in his spare time.

“As a father of 3, striking a work/life balance is incredibly important. Typically, our ‘free time’ is spent taxiing the kids from social event to social event. However, when we do have a bit of free time, we love to visit new places together. We are lucky enough to live only 20 minutes away from a national park and beach (Ireland does have some beautiful beaches) so often our time is spent there.”

Before we wrapped things up with Jason, we were curious to know how he thinks McCurrach caters to the needs of Irish colleagues.

“With most of our Irish colleagues working in the field, and since our head office is in Scotland, there was a risk that we would feel disconnected from the rest of the business. However, against the odds we have managed retain that ‘family feel’ which I think has been lost in modern business. The Irish Leadership Team meet once a quarter to ensure we deliver our priorities and ensure that our plan is aligned to the overall business strategy. I’m also regularly in touch with the leadership team between these meetings and with other colleagues across the business. In addition to this, we work with the biggest brands in Ireland which is great for morale for our Irish colleagues!”

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