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Is your brand missing out on a touchdown this Super Bowl weekend?

In a few weeks Super Bowl frenzy will kick-off, and we’re looking into what brands can do to take advantage of that. Our flexible solution allows you to break from safety and score some extra points this sporting season! Find out how…

Super Bowl is the biggest night in the United States’ broadcasting calendar and is the only broadcast to consistently reach over 100m viewers each year. And whilst you may typically regard this as an American event, here in the UK Super Bowl popularity has picked up pace. UK viewing figures have grown an average of 40% year-on-year since 2012 and that trend shows no signs of slowing down in 2019. Last year saw a record 3.9m Brits stay up to watch the game and with this comes a wealth of opportunities for brands.

Retail & Super Bowl

Thousands of people across the country throwing Super Bowl parties means thousands of people heading to their favourite store to stock up on food and beverages to last the night and beyond. This means consumers will be spending, and whilst the UK may not hit the heights of the $15.3bn spent in the US last year - 80% of which was spent on food and beverages - it drives in-store footfall nonetheless and opens up the potential for additional sales for your brand.

With games on every weekend from now until the final in February that opportunity exits right now; it is the perfect chance to capitalise whilst consumers are in the January lul of staying home and avoiding nights out. So, what can your brand do to take advantage of this?

On-demand activation: the real MVP

Only around 30% of consumers begin shopping more than a week in advance, leaving the majority who won’t begin shopping for supplies until a day or two before. With so many brands all competing for the same customers, it’s vital to ensure your brand is not overshadowed by the competition and our on-demand activation service can deliver just that.

On-demand activation ensures your in-store execution is done right and all within 48 hours of enquiry*. Our team of experienced activators have the skills and flexibility to perfect the availability and visibility of your products in store to boost immediate sales, making it possible for your brand to deliver a real January retail touchdown.

Get in touch with us today to find out more about how we can kick-off your activation campaign in time for Super Bowl weekend and let our field teams drive those field goals for you!


*New clients are subject to on boarding which includes credit check and T&Cs agreement. Please be aware this may add on additional time.