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Interview: Molly Thompson, Territory Manager


Molly is a Territory Manager who joined our News UK team in 2018. We had a chat with Molly about what she loves about her role, what campaigns she has enjoyed most and how she has developed since joining the team…


Tell us about the work that you do with McCurrach and News UK?

My job is to bring the Sun and the Times brands to life in-store for News UK. This is done through a variety of different projects that increase awareness and visibility of the brands. For me, having the foundations and credibility of two huge companies like McCurrach and News UK behind me really helps to do this.

What was your background before joining the team?

I actually started off my career at my local newspaper in the advertising team where I sold and designed the adverts in the paper, in much the same way that the Sun and Times run adverts now, but on a smaller scale. In 2017 I left my local paper to join the News UK field team run by the previous agency. This role gave me a chance to further my sales experience with a much bigger brand and to get out in the field to meet retailers.

When McCurrach and News UK announced their partnership in 2018 I was given the choice of remaining with the current agency on a different account, TUPEing over to McCurrach to join their News UK team, or quitting completely and returning to my old job.

I was looking for a new challenge so I did some research on McCurrach. Their impressive client list and the industries they spanned told me there was something worth coming for! In August of last year, I TUPE’d over and the management team have been amazing ever since. I expressed my desire to progress and further myself and they have enabled this at every stage possible - I’ve already become the trainer for the team and have much more responsibility than I had before.

What noticeable changes have you seen since moving over?

Since joining, I’ve noticed the support the management team the most. They want to help my development and this level of support is something I didn’t have with the previous agency.

The responsibility given to me has taken me out of my comfort zone and pushed me to progress. I love the fact that everyone wants to support you to progress and develop your career.

What does your average day look like?

Having the freedom to prioritise my own agenda and plan my own day is great. I usually make my first of twelve field visits around 8:30am every morning, making sure I visit the with the highest potential when I think the decision makers will be available.

Typically, I’ll only informally check in with my manager whenever I need help or advice on something which is great for productivity.

What is the most interesting part about your job?

The speed of the job and meeting new retailers is great. We do so many things so I’m never standing still for very long. I love the buzz of working in a fast-paced environment and in the News UK team, as soon as a project closes, we are on to the next one.

It’s a bit of a cliché to say, however it’s really nothing like a regular 9-5 job. There’s always something new to do like putting fake moustaches on for store visits, taking selfies with a retailer for social media or simply educating them about the benefits of subscriptions.

What’s been the most enjoyable campaign you have worked on?

Being able to support the Movember campaign was great. It was a new type of project for everyone involved as News UK had never run a charity campaign through React before. At the first team meeting it was suggested that we collected donations via retailers as well as driving awareness.

Off the back of this, I went out and bought some collection tins, labelled them and brought the campaign to life. It was a great chance to see a different side of a project and be able to run my own mini-campaign which resulted in over £200 in additional donations.

Seeing so many retailers get involved, from siting merchandise to sharing selfies and videos was truly amazing and made it stand out from your average day-to-day job.


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