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International Women’s Day 2020 – We are Leading the Charge for Gender Equality in Field Marketing

March 8th 2020 is International Woman’s Day, and this year as we do every year, we’re taking some time to spotlight some of the fantastic women who work with us.

International Woman’s Day is a global event and this year’s theme is “An equal world is an enabled world,” and today we’re today we’re celebrating our female colleagues, their achievements and contribution to our business, whilst asking a few of them for their opinion on gender equality and why days like International Women’s day are important to them .

Unlike a lot of other businesses we’re very fortunate in that our leadership team is female biased, with 60% female. There is still work to do as it cascades from leadership level, where our gender split is 40% female and 60% male, but we have been taking steps to address this balance, and we’re extremely proud at how far we’ve come over the past five years.

This year, instead of interviewing one or two women, we decided to do short interviews with a range of female colleagues from a variety of our business units so we could gauge a broader group of experience from across our business, and we received some hugely positive and inspirational answers.

Meet the team:

Join us as we conduct a quick-fire interview with five members of our team. Meet:

Helen Sheridan - Grocery Account Director – Helen is the most recent appointee to our leadership team, coming into the business at the start of 2020, and is currently responsible for our grocery clients News UK, Unilever, Kerry Foods and Kimberly-Clark.

Anne O’Leary - Business Development Controller – Anne is our Business Development Controller for Wave in Ireland, and has been with the business for over 12 years now.

Angela Gallagher - Regional Manager – Angela Gallagher has been with McCurrach for 11 years. She’s currently a Regional Manager for PepsiCo.

Joanne Ker - Sales Manager – Joanne works in our Financial Services department for one of our biggest clients and has been with the company for just under a year.

Nicky McNelly - Territory Manager – Nicky works in our Technology field team for Bang & Olufsen, and she too has been at McCurrach for just under a year.

as they tell their story on what IWD means to them. Enjoy!

How have (other) women influenced your working life and how have they influenced you?

The women I've paid attention to are those who forged their own path, so if that meant they were glared at as they left the office at 5pm on the dot to race to pick up their child, they didn't let it affect them. They prioritised, recognised their worth and didn't let other peoples' lack of understanding or old-fashioned views impact them.” – Helen Sheridan, Grocery Account Director

 “I have been lucky enough in my career to have worked alongside and for some amazing and experienced female leaders. They have been fair and passionate, with a drive to succeed, and this has informed who I am as a manager today.” – Angela Gallagher, Regional Manager

 “I think the time in which I graduated and began my career was hugely significant in how influenced I have been by women in work. Working in Financial Services, an industry that is predominantly male, I was pleasantly surprised to see how many women are working their way up the ranks to more senior positions. I find this encouraging. With more women now filling these senior roles, it suggests to me that we are beginning to overcome this self-doubt and realising that we are just as able as anyone else to do the job. I think this realisation is incredibly influential and motivational.” – Joanne Ker, Sales Manager

Which women do you admire and why?

“Mother Pukka - she’s amazing. She’s campaigning to encourage the adoption of flexible working in the UK and for it to be the norm; it’s not just for parents but for everyone because it has more than just health benefits, it’s also been proven to increase productivity.” – Helen Sheridan, Grocery Account Director

 “I always feel that depending on what stage in your career and life you are, different people inspire and influence you at different times. A person that I greatly admire now and who is positively influencing me is Georgie Crawford, who does The Good Glow Podcast. After battling breast cancer, Georgie’s perspective on self-care changed and she feels there is a strong need for women to talk more openly about health and wellness and ensure you put yourself first on your agenda.” – Anne O’Leary, Business Development Controller

“As someone who works in tech, Katherine Johnson and Dorothy Vaughan are some of the women I admire. You may have heard of these women through the film ‘Hidden Figures’. They were the human computers that worked at NASA in the 1960s and were part of a team of women who did the calculations to set the orbital trajectory for the first men in space. Without their work, we’d have never walked on the moon, and I think they’re amazing.” Nicky McNelly, Territory Manager

Why is International Women’s Day important to you?

“Because nothing will change unless we empower people to feel confident and enable change.” – Helen Sheridan, Grocery Account Directory

 “International Women’s Day is important to me as celebrates women and our achievements whilst highlighting the positive impact women have within companies across all industries. I have worked with McCurrach for 12 years in various roles and when I reflect on my journey over the that time, I realise I have been fortunate to work with teams and managers that have empowered my colleagues and I to be our best, no matter your gender. A day like IWD allows us to ensure we are continuing to keep gender equality in the spotlight.” – Anne O’Leary, Business Development Controller

 “IWD is important to me and McCurrach because we are advocates of women in work and it gives us a platform to celebrate that. We have a female CEO, multiple female directors, managers & colleagues. It gives us a day every year to commend and reflect on the fact that we are a great example of an organisation striving to be an equal opportunity employer. “– Joanne Ker, Sales Manager

We want to take the opportunity to thank everyone who contributed to this discussion and shared their views on what IWD means to them. Great people are the key to our business, and these women are no exception. Without such great colleagues, our business wouldn’t be where it is today. So, raise join us in raising a glass to women everywhere on March 8th, and embrace the message of “an equal world is an enabled world”. Don’t forget to share your stories of inspirational women on our LinkedIn post, or with the hashtag #EachforEqual.