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How to Get Ahead and Stay Ahead with Crowd Audits

Author: Mark Fraser

We’ve already explained why we think tactical activation is the absolute best way to get your products seen by consumers. But how can you be sure that the consumer is seeing what you want them to see?

Getting your products on shelves, getting the promotions right and the POS in position are essential to getting your products in a consumer’s eyeline and, as a result, in mind for purchasing.

However, tactical activation itself is only part of the picture. Once your product is on the shop floor it’s at the mercy of staff and consumers, and sometimes your facings can quickly start to look askew. Or worse: they can be removed entirely.

Well, we can help you ensure that what’s placed on the shop floor by our activators is what the consumer sees time and time again when they return to the store.

Make Them See You in the Best Light

By using our crowd audit service, we can send a crowd into stores to check that each store has stock of the items you have on promotion, making sure that they are on display, in the right place, priced correctly and easily available to potential consumers. Once complete, we then generate a report that tells you where there are issues and where you need to intervene. From there, we can co-ordinate large scale tactical interventions across many stores, making sure that consumers are seeing your products in the best light.

And it just so happens that we offer this service too. So, you can combine our tactical activation and crowd audit services to make the most of your promotional campaigns, ensuring that you’re never left on the bench when it comes to sales this summer.

We partner with BeMyEye to execute crowd audits in any number of stores you desire. By offering both services we can reduce costs whilst delivering consistent reports that can be acted upon at pace.

By deploying non-skilled staff to perform these audits, we are also able to deliver a huge cost and time efficiency. Which means we’re not only going to increase your incremental sales with smart tactical activation campaigns, but we’ll save you money too by offering services that check your products are always in prime position.

Game Winning Tactics

With McCurrach you can book all tactical services through the one agency, receiving all the information you need to make the right sales choices that will help you to win big this year. With the peak trading periods of Easter and the European Championships just around the corner, 2020 is shaping up to a monumental year in retail. Now is the time to act.

We can put you in the position you need to win this year and beyond. So, what are you waiting for?

If you’re planning on running any kind of tactical activation campaign this summer, you’re in luck because we’re offering 5% off all tactical activation services if you book before the end of April.