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How can you simplify data analysis to ensure your field team work to reach your sales potential?

When brands hire for field positions, do candidates go through a data analysis test? Does every member of your field team know how to analyse graphs and sales trends? Could they pick out actions from spreadsheets of data? Equipping your field team with sales data is great in theory, however the key is in making sure they understand how to use it in order to get the best return from your investment.

The chances are that your field colleagues will all have different levels of technical ability, some will be tech wizards whilst others will still prefer using their relationships over data to manage stock levels and ultimately make decisions. So, how do you optimise your field team to ensure everyone operates off a level playing field to drive sales?

Let the solution work for you, don’t work for it

Steve Jobs once said, “you’ve got to start with the experience, and work back toward the technology”, and it’s something that’s often forgotten when companies come to building data solutions. It’s important to start with the end user in mind and work back towards a solution. The challenge we see with many EPOS analytics solutions is too often the actions or ability of the end user have not been a consideration from the beginning as they should.

It’s no secret that an EPOS data solution is a great way to ensure your field team get the best value from their store visits, however, finding a solution that allows field colleagues and managers to easily digest data, without spending hours looking over graphs to find action points is vital. The right solution should allow your teams to work more efficiently driving their priorities by value.  

Implementing a solution shouldn’t mean countless days spent at training courses for those less technical or being left with a system that users are reluctant to use for fear of not understanding the information presented. In today’s age any solution should be intuitive and aid productivity which ultimately results in increased sales for your brand.

DART for Field Users

The DART interface was built by field users for field users. We understand the importance of getting clear alerts and information to users to allow them to excel in their role. Our intuitive EPOS data reporting app simplifies data to make sure that your field sales teams, are sales people, and not analysts. Gone are the days of field teams sitting in their cars sifting through spreadsheets, head down in complicated graphs in store. DART provides users with up to date information in an easy to use, directive and intuitive user interface, ensuring a seamless and powerful user experience, and enabling tailored proactive selling conversations and opportunities for your brand in store.

DART has been built with complete flexibility in mind, meaning that it can be licensed as a stand-alone solution for your in-house/existing field team or in conjunction with an outsourced McCurrach field team.

If you would like to find out more simply get in touch and one of our DART team will be delighted to help you.