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Hop into Easter With Terrific Tactical Activation

Author: Mark Fraser

Few things bring family and friends together quite like public holidays, treats and cakes. Whilst Christmas is often the focal point of such celebrations, it’s easy to forget that Easter is also a great time for getting people together and sharing a sweet or two. For brands, Easter is a fantastic time to increase visibility of products so that when people are preparing for the holiday, your products are in prime position. But what’s the best way to do that? With tactical activation.

We often start the year with good intentions of healthy eating, but the reality is that by the time Easter comes along the sweet temptation of a little sugary indulgence can be a bit too much for some. Sure, you can keep your health kick alive and enjoy a square or two of chocolate, but when it comes to confectionery of the egg-shaped variety, it’s sometimes hard to entertain such restraint.

This, combined with an opportunity to spend more times with your loved ones, makes Easter a key time for consumers and brands due to increased retail expenditure. 

Get Your Products Seen

So how do you capitalise on that increased retail expenditure?

Well, you need to ensure that you have the correct availability of product. Last year, Easter spending in the UK topped £1.1bn. Can you afford to miss out on such massive consumer retail spend by failing at brand activation?

Let’s be clear here: this doesn’t just apply to confectionery makers. Over the course of the past decade sales of things like alcohol, food, toiletries and electronics have surged over the Easter period. So, whilst consumers might be purchasing a more diverse range of goods than ever before, you still need to get some key things right in order to convert savvy shoppers into brilliant buyers.

How? You need to get your products seen.

Easter is a great time to enhance your in-store promotions and site captivating POS. In peak periods such as these, it is imperative that your displays are constantly topped up with product so that a shopper can take advantage the moment they walk past.

We all know that the ideal scenario is that shoppers choose your product as an impulse buy, but we also know that consumers now spend longer looking at a diverse range of products before purchasing. That’s why your displays need to be stocked, locked and ready to rock when they decide your product is the right one for them.

That’s where we come in.

We’re Your Tactical Activation Easter Bunny

We regularly provide skilled, agile and flexible resource at pace to brands big and small in peak trading periods. We work with clients of all sizes in across grocery, discount retailers, technology, alcohol, health and beauty and more – if your product is sold in a shop, we can help.

From NPD, display & POS implementation to merchandising services, we have the solution to get your brand ahead this Easter.

Detail is key, and our activators have an eye for this like no other. You can trust us to spring into action across outlets, channels or geography, doing everything required to lift your sales and your Easter.

Make the right choice and get in touch with our tactical activation team today to discover how we can help you win big this Easter.

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