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Meet Gordon Bryson who has been with us for over 40 years! Read on to discover his story...

Did you know, happy employees are found to be up to 20% more productive than unhappy employees? At McCurrach, we’re passionate believers that creating a strong company culture is key to employee happiness.


Happy employees tend to stick in companies for longer, and for this interview we sat down with one of our longest serving colleagues: our PepsiCo Regional Sales Manager, Gordon Bryson. We wanted to get his thoughts on life here at McCurrach, and his view on how the business and industry has changed over the years.


“I’ve worked with McCurrach in the Grocery division for 40 years. I started as a Stock Control Representative in the Stock Control Team, which supported our two Scottish Sales Teams when McCurrach was ran as a fully syndicated operation. I think I’ve had around 28 job roles over the years, through various secondments and project team memberships.

“Earlier in my career, I was also responsible for a number of Client Accounts, including A.G. Barr Soft Drinks, Campbells Soup and Jeyes, to name a few.”

When asked what Gordon’s favourite part of his current role as Regional Sales Manager is, he said: “You get a chance to make a difference if you apply discretionary effort. I have two favourites; developing people to be better at what they don’t think they can do, as well landing a new team from scratch and making it work. I enjoy instilling confidence in my colleagues.

“Being part of the PepsiCo Business Unit allowed me to successfully run a new service trial in Scotland that enabled the National roll out of our Grocery Team in 2003/04, which remains the basis of our solus service to this day.

“I also agreed to an 11-week secondment in August 2015, which saw me set up our 100+ strong PepsiCo Impulse Team with Marie Pringle and Sam Marshall. This is unique in McCurrach in that it runs in parallel with PepsiCo’s own well established Impulse Team of 100+ colleagues. Getting 110 people recruited and having 100 company vans ready to roll out in five weeks was my version of FMCG (Fast, Mental, Challenging, Great) all at once, every day, and I’m still there.”


As a long-standing employee, Gordon has witnessed the growth of McCurrach over the years and we wanted to hear his view on how he thinks we have achieved such growth within the industry.


“Our growth was achieved because of our people and our culture, combined with the ambition to take on the established Field Marketing Companies back in 1994, when (former CEO) Neil McNicol signed off our move into England and Wales.

“We had to work hard to establish ourselves with a largely different portfolio to what we had in Scotland. Everyone had to play a part in the expansion, and although exhausting at times, we gradually built up the portfolio to allow us to claim the kind of National coverage that led big brands to become curious about what we could do for them. We’ve since proven that we can give our clients a great return on their investment, and this continues today.

“I’ll be honest and say it hasn’t all been plain sailing. Of course, we’ve made a few mistakes along the way, but we’ve learned from them and that’s what’s important. Our current strategic plan has us poised to be able to face new growth challenges with confidence.”


Gordon also offered some thoughts on how he feels the shape of the business has changed and how it sets us up for future success.


“We’ve always been an innovative and forward-thinking business, even if we didn’t always know it at the time.

“Thinking back, we changed how our Grocery Teams worked by emulating something we had seen in the US back in 1994. We used technology to give us an edge with our Client Reporting, which didn’t get copied by competitors for quite some time.

“From multiples to convenience, our clients have different needs, and asking the right questions is what allows us to meet these needs effectively. Afterall, why else would we work with them if we didn’t think we could improve their operations?

“Technology is also making a big difference, and the rate of change is now quite staggering. Joining up our new tech products with the infrastructures of our clients and customers will be the next big thing. Using this data to qualify the sell will be key.”


With such a breadth of experience in different Grocery sectors and product categories Gordon has gained a solid insight into the sales industry and how it has evolved over the years. We wanted to hear his view on how McCurrach keep ahead of the curve.


“Technology and leveraging data will keep us ahead. Once again as a business we’re innovating with technology, with products like DART and our soon to be launched convenience app. There isn’t much that’s truly “new” these days so the best thing to do is keep our eyes open, track and respond to industry demand in the most efficient way we can, and of course technology will really help us to do that. This is what will keep us one step ahead and set us apart as industry leaders in the field sales and marketing space.


At McCurrach, we’re constantly striving to invest in our people. We very much believe in giving them the opportunity to grow, which is why after 40 years of service, Gordon is still passionate about his role and proud to be working with McCurrach.

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