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Get Ready for Peak Trading Periods with Rapid Tactical Activation

Author: Mark Fraser

As Easter rolls around again, we’re keen to highlight some of the benefits tactical activation can bring to your brand in peak trading periods. When the time comes to start getting ready for a big seasonal sales push, using rapid tactical activation to get your products visible early can be a great way to give you an edge over competitors and increase sales.

It goes without saying that sales success is only achieved during peak trading periods if your product is accessible and visible in as many stores as possible. Which may lead you ask three questions:

  1.        At what point should my brand prepare for peak trading?
  2.        When should we start getting products into stores?
  3.        How do we act to keep products available in the run up to, and during the peak trading period?

Well, it’s your lucky day, because we have the answers right here.

At What Point Should My Brand Prepare for Peak Trading?

Right away. As soon as one peak trading period ends, you should already be moving the pieces into place for the next peak trading period. Right now, the next one in FMCG is Easter. Most brands will have started planning for this holiday before Christmas. So, if you’re thinking of landing a big promotional push during Easter in order to increase your sales, you had better move quickly.

When Should We Start Getting Products into Stores?

Around peak periods, your social media channels are no doubt awash with how Christmas decorations begin appearing in stores before August even finishes, or that Easter eggs suddenly seem to arrive in every single store mere seconds into New Year’s Day. The social media outrage might be justified – some people don’t want to be reminded that the next public holiday is looming so far ahead of time.

But research says that despite the uptick in commentary on social media, customer demand for products months ahead of the next holiday season far outstrips the opinions of people on social media. The message here is clear: get your products in store as early as possible, because consumers want them.

The best way to ensure availability ahead of peak buying is with tactical activation. In our experience, making sure seasonal products are available both on shelves and in dedicated promotional fixtures ahead of time is a sure-fire way to influence shopper habits, even if they’re not thinking about buying at that moment in time.

How Do We Act to Keep Products Available in The Run Up To, And During Peak Trading?

Getting your products out there and in the popular consciousness ahead of time also has another great advantage: your stock levels will remain steady, even in the run up to peak trading.

Our activation service means that we can do this for you in quick time.

We can site POS and products in-store as soon as you desire. We can ensure that your products enjoy prime positioning and that stock is always visible.

Book in Your Activation Today

We’re well established in the field of tactical activation. Our entire organisation is built on the ethos of people skill, agility and flexibility. We understand the blink-and-you’ll-miss-it world of FMCG, and our team are adept at delivering where it counts – your bottom line.

With an eye for detail, a passion for execution and tons of experience in delivery, we move at pace for all our clients, be it in technology, retail, cosmetics, over the counter pharmaceuticals, alcohol and more.

So, this Easter, as you look to boost your sales, make the right decision. Let us help you get there with our award winning activation services.

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