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How to maximise data streams to improve distribution accuracy for Financial Services brands

Author: Phil Sumbler

Multiple data streams are an integral part of every financial services business but combining these streams can create a more efficient sales process that supports all levels of your sales team to establish who is the best person to speak to next.

Take a phone book and start at A?

With over 25,000 Financial Advisers in the market, the challenge for any sales team is knowing who to speak to next. You can’t simply take a phone book and start at A. Every account manager dreams of inventing the perfect formula that tells them who to call next to get the best result but for any of us who have done that job, we know it’s just not as simple as that.

At McCurrach, we have worked in the Financial Services arena for over ten years and our highly experienced team of Analysts & in-house Developer have honed our CRM to maximise our Sales Teams’ chance of achieving their objectives every time they pick up the phone. How, you ask…?

It is all about being right

It really is a case of driving a model that allows us to create the

  •         Right activity at the
  •         Right time to the
  •         Right person with the
  •         Right message

There’s a well-worn saying that two wrongs never make a right; in our case, however, we have proven that four rights do lead to success for our Sales Teams and our clients.

Our expert team are not just skilled in crunching the data that they have in front of them: they have significant experience in the intermediary market and use that experience to build a bespoke CRM environment, uniquely tailored to suit your data. This allows us to pinpoint the people most likely to generate the desired results.

During our time working with some of the leading Financial Services brands in the UK, we have evolved our CRM - Salesforce.com - to be more than just a database of names and addresses, we offer something that can take that data, augment it, and produce:

  •         Key sales plans with targeted activity, updating in real time
  •         Stronger journey planning to increase field-based efficiency
  •         Effective campaign and event follow up
  •         Marketing integration
  •         Structured reporting which drives suggested strategy amendments

The greater the input, the more effective the output

Our system is designed to be data-hungry, capable of loading in market statistics, market sales, product sales, contact history, network information, marketing history, account segmentation, event history and even personal preferences for consideration.

Our CRM is run by our Analysts, but the adaptation of it is led by our Sales Teams. For example, we may want one Telephone Account Manager (TAM) to focus their next activities on one set of criteria but a neighbouring territory to have their activities focused on a completely different set.  A few clicks on the relevant sales dashboards gives us a panel of advisers filtered from a long list of names to a mere dozen highly relevant contacts. If you factor in some market data, these contacts can even be prioritised based on sales potential.

Managing and monitoring your ROI

It isn’t all about directing our Sales Teams, though. We have experience in working with our clients’ marketing teams to plan email and event activity.

For example, we have helped arrange local seminars; working closely with client marketing teams to target accounts within a geographical distance / drive time from the venue and create and follow-up with the lists of invitees. Experience shows that effective follow-up to any email invitation increases attendance by upwards of 20%, creating more cost-effective ways to speak to advisers.

But we don’t stop there; post-event follow-up is just as crucial. We “tag” those who attend events on our CRM and track pre and post-event sales which allows clients to establish ROI and help plan future campaigns and events that generate the most rewarding outcomes.

Our offerings are not designed to replace your existing activity, whether field or telephony-based. Rather they are designed to complement it in the most efficient manner. We’re experienced in working with existing sales teams to enhance their productivity and deepen our clients’ distribution through our targeted methodology.

Perhaps achieving that perfect formula can be as simple as that.


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