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Four Ways We Can Help You Score Goals this Summer

Author: Mark Fraser

Tactical brand activation and crowd audits are vital to ensuring your success this year. A summer of sport looms large, and with the European Championships poised to boost retail sales and consumer footfall across the board, you need to act sooner rather than later to get in the game for a huge summer of sales.

Want to know why you should take advantage of our 5% off tactical activation offer now, and get down to the business of scoring sales goals this summer?

Well here’s a run down of why tactical activation is the right choice to net some big wins.

Get in Early

By now, you probably have your plan in place for 2020. However, you can still augment this with tactical activation if you book it now. The key to a successful activation campaign is planning. Getting this out of the way months before peak trading begins means that you can be ready for increased sales demand, whilst also having the resources on hand to execute brilliant POS, and to intervene if things start to dip. Planning all of this in advance means you can be more adaptable to consumer needs, using rapidly shifting resource and stock levels to leverage incremental sales at pace.

Use Tactical Activation to Take Advantage of Peak Trading Periods

Whilst our focus has been the impending European Championships, getting on board with us and using our tactical activation service means that you will be poised to meet increased demand. You can get your products on the shelves early, which means you can get them in the minds of consumers, influencing their purchasing decisions by the time peak trading hits.

You can also use early activation to take advantage of pre-peak impulse buying, which will result in sales uplift over an extended period. Once peak trading arrives, you will have the resource on hand to continue to drive sales when the shoppers hit the stores en masse.

Make Up for Reduced Resourcing

It’s no secret that retail stores are operating with reduced resource across all trading periods. When consumers start flocking to the stores during seasonal and festive periods, during popular sporting and cultural events, or even during the school holidays, reduced staff levels can mean that certain POS or promotions get less attention.

So, having a tactical activation team on hand to go into stores to site, stock and periodically check on your brand to ensure they are in the correct place and compliant, is key to gaining big sales wins during busy shopping times.

Use the power of the crowd to See What Shoppers See

Once everything is in place, checking on your promotions to ensure that they’re always in the best condition should be your priority. However, if you are covering multiple territories and hundreds of stores, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to check them all in short order.

That’s where the crowd comes in. You can use the crowd to complete fast paced non skilled audits in store to check that your stock is present and accounted for, that your displays are correct and that they look their best. By working with us, you get the brawn of our activators and the brain of our crowd auditors, ensuring that you see exactly what the consumer is seeing, and can act where required. Having this kind of flexible, agile resource available from one supplier saves you a great deal of time and money; we can create audit reports, and then we can fix anything that needs fixing very quickly.

Call Us Up to Your Squad This Summer for Game Changing Sales Performance

We’ll help you smash your sales targets this summer if you take advantage of our 5% off activation events offer now. We didn’t get our award-winning status by being super subs; we’re the star players. Make sure we’re first on your team sheet and get in touch with us now to book your activation events for this year’s Euro Championships. Terms and conditions apply.