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Field teams spring into ACTion with DART

Author: Kevin Green

In the second blog in our DART series, DART Development Manager, Kevin Green talks to us about how the newest EPOS analytics tool enables field users to ACT more efficiently in the field. With DART it’s time to say goodbye to wasted visits & time in store and hello to productivity.

Discover how EPOS data can point you towards the biggest opportunity stores, including the most valuable interventions.

Did you know…? DART provides field users with quality actionable direction by cleverly analysing EPOS data.

For every store retailer with EPOS data available, DART analyses EPOS data every single day, to identify trends and commonalities in sales performance. But wait, there’s more... DART actually generates an intervention list per store for users, ranked in priority order, to help guide field sales teams towards the most profitable actions. Not only does this reduce time discovering the right interventions to complete whilst in store, but the tool also allows users to save further time at the fixture by directing them to the potential resolution.

Essentially, DART allows users to understand the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and demands across every single store in their call file which means they can generate bespoke, tailored and optimised selling opportunities for every store.

This drives 3 main benefits:

  1. Tailored selling stories: Providing field users with store personalised sales opportunities typically results in in-store contacts becoming much more receptive to taking action to capitalise on opportunity sales

  2. Incremental potential: Due to the fact that each store has a different physical profile, no two stores are the same in terms of display opportunities. When presented with an opportunity for incremental displays and opportunity, DART allows field users to identify the highest potential sale generative product.

  3. Strong Evidence: Having access to daily sales performance for every product in every store means DART can provide users with insight into their impact on sales trends, based on previous actions, giving users further awareness of the best course of action required for every store.

We are a field marketing company who helps big brands sell more. One way of enabling field teams to do that is by equipping them with a smart data solution that identifies selling opportunities that are tailored and optimised for maximum impact. For every store they are directed towards, DART provides a list of opportunities for them to ACT upon.

Contact us to find out how DART can optimise your field sales team.

Double your potential sales uplift with DART

Supercharge the effectiveness of your field team with smart data, enabling them to SELL MORE.