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DIRECT your field sales team with DART

Author: Kevin Green

There is a growing demand in the market place to be more flexible and dynamic in the way field sales teams are deployed, due to a range of issues from economic pressures to greater competition. At McCurrach we recognised this demand and have developed our own EPOS data tool as an answer to this. 

DART – Direct, Act, Resolve, Transform.

We spoke to our DART Development Manager, Kevin Green to get his perspective on our latest data tool. Tune into the first in a series of four of his DART blogs. First up... DIRECT

DART allows you to DIRECT your field team to the right stores, on the right days, focusing on the right products, with the right in-store actions. What's not to love? 

Discover how to use EPOS data in a smart way

We accurately direct teams by using data in a smart way. How? It’s actually really simple.

Every single day DART processes that data and identifies trends and commonalities for every product in every store. DART then uses that output to identify and rank the most valuable opportunities, providing brand and field users with information that allows them to make more informed decisions on which stores to visit that day, including which products to focus on in store.

This drives 3 main benefits:

  1. Effective direction: field users now know which journey plan can have the most effective and highest impact on overall sales for your products
  1. Efficient planning: by understanding which products in which stores require the most focus, field users can reduce time on wasted calls to stores that don’t require visits, or searching for problem products in store
  1. More coverage: by being effective in their direction, and efficient in their planning, through using DART, field users can get to more stores in the same amount of time

We understand better than anyone that the landscape is ever-evolving, and our new smart data solution, DART allows brands to DIRECT their field users in a more flexible, dynamic and efficient way. 

Discover how we ACT upon these opportunities in our next blog in this DART series later this week.

If you'd like more insight, a product demo, or simple a discussion on how DART can help you sell more please get in touch with us today.

Double your potential sales uplift with DART

Supercharge the effectiveness of your field team with smart data, enabling them to SELL MORE.