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Revolutionising our company culture and colleague engagement with a new collaborative colleague engagement platform

Author: Rachel Laiolo

We thought it was time to introduce one of our recent digital innovations, created for internal communication and community building. At McCurrach, we know this communication platform as dave:

We wanted to create a platform on which every colleague had a voice and a place to engage with the entire business. Since the creation of dave, our internal engagement rate has soared and continues to grow, as our people co-create and learn as a group via the platform. Our ethos has always been that engaged employees enjoy their work and deliver results for our clients. We continue to move forward with this ethos by making sure we are all interacting and sharing with each other which is made easy and efficient since the creation of dave.


Our mission was to create a community for our colleagues

The overall goal of the project was to promote a culture that is transparent and open, one which places an emphasis on the relationships between our most important assets: our people. Keeping in touch with our people, whether they’re field based or office based, to make sure they feel part of a community that is working towards common goals was another important objective.

Engagement levels rose even prior to the launch of dave. Colleagues were involved in the creation from start to finish, even when it came to naming the platform. The name our colleagues suggested and ultimately voted for was dave. Their desire to have a personal connection with the business was clear from the outset, both in the numerous naming suggestions which lead to a human name being chosen and the level of excitement and engagement throughout the entire process.


The result: engagement stats that redefine the industry standard

Since the launch of dave in March of this year, our colleague engagement levels are at an all-time high. On average, 90% of our colleagues log in 4 times per week, with half the business logging in daily. Yet, perhaps the biggest change is live two-way engagement and colleague contribution to communications. This influx of sharing between colleagues allowed group learning to take place between teams and clients, helping the groups collective knowledge to skyrocket. In doing so, we improved efficiency across the McCurrach group with our all-inclusive communications platform.  


Here’s what our people think of it…

“Loving dave and the new set up! It’s fantastic to have everything in the one place and the platform is very easy to navigate too” 

“Amazing to finally have dave in our lives. What a transformation this is to the way we communicate and engage with each other."

The feedback from our colleagues has been incredible and we’re delighted to be able to provide such a powerful and transparent digital platform for them to engage with others on, whilst providing a place where people can learn more about the business and gain access to all key systems, policies and links in one convenient location.  Through this innovation, we have been able to create a corporate culture with engagement at its core.

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