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Data may be the new most valuable resource, but what does this actually mean for your brand?

Each time you scroll through your social media feed or land on a news website you’ll see countless articles about how data is now the most valuable resource globally. Whilst this is true, do you know how to make use of your data to make a real impact on sales for your brand?

Today brands are awash with data, we live in an age where everything is data driven and data is collected from almost everything we do. Most brands realise the value and importance of their data; however, the real challenge comes when trying to understand, manipulate and convert this data into actionable insight that leads the path towards increased sales, all the while building stronger relationships with customers. After all, do you know what trends to look for? How quickly can you process data?

Make your data work for you: how to make informed decisions 

With the retail landscape being such a competitive environment, retailers have the luxury of choosing to work with brands who understand the importance of mutual business performance. As a result, to give themselves the edge, brands need to find an efficient way of converting EPOS data into insight that provides clear direction on opportunities at a macro, regional and store level.

In such a fast-paced market, analysing EPOS data on your own products is invaluable. You can evaluate not only your own performance, but the performance of the retailer. This allows you to begin making interventions in-store to prevent lost sales from continuing, take proactive action before an issue has occurred to maximise revenue opportunities through predictive forecasting, identify gaps in performance, and highlight new opportunities to drive growth. So, how do you go about collecting and analysing your EPOS data? Do you have sufficient in-house resource?

Discover how to release the hidden value in your EPOS to reach your sales potential

Our solution, DART, has a sole purpose; to help you release the hidden value in your EPOS data. It does this by pooling all of the data available to you in retailer systems, uses smart algorithms to identify opportunities and predict what’s going to happen next. This is all packaged in action led, user experience focused platforms for both head office and field users.

DART is simple to roll out for your brand and is the most effective and efficient way to release the hidden value in your EPOS. Want to find out more? Contact Us and one of our DART team will be delighted to help you.