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Target your biggest sales opportunities with DART

Award winning field sales company, McCurrach, launch in-house developed opportunity alerting and reporting application, DART. Created for sales forces, DART enables prioritised direction towards the biggest opportunities to sell more, meaning sales teams can deliver a bigger ROI by acting more efficiently.

Unlock the potential of your sales team and SELL MORE through our smart new data app, DART

DART is our daily opportunity alerting and reporting app that uses live retailer EPOS data to streamline field resource. Created for field users by field users, DART fully optimises the efficiency of sales teams by directing resource towards the most profitable stores and tasks. This means you can sell more while saving time and money by eliminating wasted visits.

Angus Maciver, McCurrach CEO, comments, “The field sales landscape is a rapidly evolving one - technological advances, data capabilities and macroeconomic factors are shaping how field sales teams work with an increased focus on targeted efficiency as well as sales.  There are a number of data analytics tools around but we felt it was time to learn from their shortcomings and create a new one which is designed from Field Sales bottom up-to help us to sell more, more efficiently. Our new system is called DART.

The app uses live retailer EPOS data to pinpoint potential lost sales and direct sales teams towards these high value opportunities in-store, enabling them to prioritise their coverage in a targeted manner. It also enables our management and our client teams to track and manage field user and product performance at a glance in real-time. In a nutshell, the app enables brands to Direct their sales team(s), Act on opportunities, Resolve in-store in a timely fashion, and finally, Transform sales.


DART is truly cutting edge in its unique offering, spearheading the way for data and reporting applications in the field sales and retail industry. It has been developed for field users by field users, and has gone through a thorough 10 step testing process before being piloted and launched into the marketplace. Gordon Neil, McCurrach Business Development Director, tells us why McCurrach took this approach:

"We recognised a need for something different in data applications to truly unlock the formula of selling more whilst eliminating waste.  We hadn’t seen anything that started with the store and user in mind so we decided to do it ourselves.  Our next step is to integrate head office and supply chain requirements, and again, we’ll start with the end user in mind.  In addition we’re already working on AI/ML integration which will allow us to accurately predict lost sales before they occur and get field sales teams into outlets to fix issues before they occur. We expect that this will be available as a phase-two rollout later in the year.” 


So, what makes DART unique?

  • Sell more: DART enables sales team to target underperforming SKUs and act accordingly. Using smart data algorithms to process information on historical poor execution of availability, NPD, promotions and displays in-store, DART informs users of the correlating actions required to fix issues, prioritised by value.
  • Supercharge the efficiency of your sales force: By pinpointing the highest value opportunities, DART allows your sales team to become more dynamic and flexible in their coverage patterns. On a day-by-day basis your team is able to target the lowest performing stores, in line with your strategic priorities.
  • Save time and money: A DART powered sales force could actually bring your costs down while achieving more for your brand. A streamlined team knows exactly when, where and what to focus on, which saves time in-store, eliminates wasted visits, and helps you quickly sell more.
  • Better selling arguments through tailored selling stories: DART is built to provide selling tools that will make it easier for field users to engage retailers. The app clearly and simply displays top performing SKUs, category analysis, and even has a retailer league tabling feature, enabling the sales team to capitalise on additional opportunities in store, to ultimately help them sell more for your brand.


DART is currently available to brands who operate in the top 5 UK retailers. The app is available on iOS, Android and Windows platforms and can be integrated with existing Sales Force automation tools and CRM systems.

Make it easier for your sales team to SELL MORE through targeted direction, by equipping them with a revolutionary toolkit in DART.

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Make informed decisions through better analytics, data and insight

Make informed decisions through better analytics, data and insight

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