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Room for a new kid on the block in the world of EPOS data analytics

Author: Gordon Neil

As we officially launch our new EPOS data analytics product, DART, our Business Development Director, Gordon Neil, reflects on the role we’ll play in the market, what DART will deliver and why it’s an important product in the world of EPOS data for field teams.

The role of EPOS data is hardly new but it’s unquestionably continued to grow in the last few years, and in my opinion that’s driven by three trends:

  • Data being more widely available and in greater levels of detail.
  • Execution continues to slide in-store as retailers reduce staff to counter rising costs. This has had a big impact on product availability and fixture execution in particular.
  • A growing need to be more efficient and deliver certainty of value in field sales, driven by rising costs for manufacturers.

All of this means that field sales is being challenged to deliver innovative ways to sell more, more efficiently.

With all the data that’s available, the key is turning that into action led insight that can be used by any sales person, no matter what their skill and confidence level is with data.

To set the scene, 18 months ago we recognised we were facing a challenge. Our field team was losing confidence in data because of a combination of factors including a market with complex 3rd party products, poor in-store user experience and poor accuracy levels.

DART is our solution to finding the key whilst mitigating the challenges. How, I hear you ask. Actually, it’s really simple. We’ve built our solution from the store back, firstly considering the field sales user and the retailer. That means we can provide field teams with clear direction and an effective selling tool, which enables anyone to pick it up and use it in-store almost immediately. For users with more data analytics experience and capability, all the data they could possibly want is there for them at the click of a button. In other words, it’s built for all levels of capability and enables field teams to add value immediately while building their skill to unlock even more success.

This drives the sales person to engage the retailer, delivering what they want for their customers (a better shopping experience) and sell more. DART also allows you to make field teams more dynamic, and even supports on demand targeted teams.

Our clients, field teams and retail customers love DART and we’re sure you will too.

So now we’re ready to go, after having fully built and tested for all UK retailers, with a product that has delivered almost double the sales uplift for our DART FMCG clients this year.

DART is available on Android and iOS, and is available to license as a standalone software product, leaving you free to use the salesforce solution of your choice. That part was important to us; we wanted to make sure anyone could license DART without the need to move all of their field sales to McCurrach.

Our team are excited to demonstrate DART and disrupt the world of EPOS data analytics. This new kid on the block is here to stay and lead the way in the market. If you’re interested in hearing more, please get in touch.

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