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Innovative digital products require great product ownership, which is why we wanted you to meet our man behind DART: Kevin Green.

Author: Rachel Laiolo

DART is our user-friendly EPOS Analytics solution, created to release the hidden value in your EPOS data. By using DART, field and head office are proven to be more efficient and effective, helping them increase ROI.

We sat down with Kevin Green, our DART Product Manager, to pick his brain about the EPOS data solution and his current and future involvement with the system’s development. Kevin has worked at McCurrach for the last 4 years, starting his career journey with us as a graduate. He has been with DART from the start through the concept, build, and launch phases and now concentrates on onboarding, integration and roll out of DART to new clients.


What’s a typical day for you as the DART Product Manager?

“It’s a cliché term, but no two days are the same working as the DART Product Manager! I’ve got a wide range of responsibilities in my role which mostly revolve around maintaining DART for clients, the day-to-day tasks can vary quite dramatically. As DART is very innovative in nature, there is never a dull day as there is always a new opportunity and new feature to get you thinking. Also, because the role focuses heavily on connecting people and technology, I take great reward in helping people better utilise the technology we have built and the EPOS data they have access to, to help them be more effective in their role and decision making.”


What exactly does DART do in technical terms? Why is it a worthwhile investment?

DART is an EPOS analytics solution that allows manufacturers to access, and enable their sales teams with EPOS data in a much more accessible, optimised, efficient and action led way. The DART field app is a mobile application that gives field teams the opportunity to drive action and efficiency. By putting EPOS data in the hands of field teams it enables them to understand the sales profile of their products and brands in every store they visit. Field teams are then able to identify underperforming issues through sophisticated algorithms and capitalise on incremental opportunities.

The DART head office application is a web based application that allows brand, account, supply chain, demand and finance teams to access EPOS data in tailored, pre-analysed and easy to use reports, that allows them to get straight to the insight and action rather than having to process and analyse data themselves.

Brands who want to buy DART appreciate that the marketplace is shifting to become a much more data-led environment. They want to capitalise on the great insight that DART can provide and use it to take strategic action and grow the sales of their brands.


How can a brand get involved with DART? Do they need to use our field sales service alongside the solution?

“One of the best things about bringing our DART solution to the marketplace is that any brand can purchase it – whether we run their field sales teams or not is not important! Since we can deploy the solution for any manufacturer, it is an important part of my job to spread the message. I also make sure to keep informed and educated on all movement and innovation within the industry to better advise and serve our clients.”


What’s the process after a brand signs up to use DART?

“Once we have successfully partnered with a new client, we need to make sure that they are set up on the system to extract the great value that the service offers. This involves managing an onboarding process, ensuring that all of the client’s EPOS data and product information is uploaded, managing algorithm tailoring to the client’s product portfolio needs, and setting the infrastructure up to handle the new brand on our systems. We also offer further support for any user, whether field or head office, who is having issues with their use. I personally spend time throughout the week ensuring all users are comfortable on the solution.”


How do the DART team ensure clients gain as much value from DART as they can?

“Once we have successfully onboarded and trained their field and head office users, we continue to work with the client. As each client has a different deployment strategy and product portfolio, we need to ensure that the clients are extracting as much value from the product as possible. This involves working with our commercial teams to tweak and optimise the back-end system to ensure that the field app alerts, drive as much value as possible. We also work with the head office teams to ensure that they are driving as much value and insight as possible from the tailored EPOS performance reports available.”


Finally, how do you ensure that DART is constantly evolving to better serve brands in the future?

“As I am responsible for the innovation and development pipeline of the solution, a lot of my time is spent working with our development team on phased update releases and new development features. This includes requirement gathering, creation and design, implementation, user testing and much more.  We are required to be at the forefront of innovation in the marketplace, keep up with end user demands, and ultimately, continue to build a product that will maximise ROI for our clients in an ever-evolving market. Another priority for us is ensuring innovation is aligned with existing client demands so that we are improving the solution based on clients needs.”

At McCurrach we value our colleagues and their great insight into our products and services. Without people like Kevin, we wouldn’t be able to stay ahead of the game and continue innovating. To find out more about DART click here and to find out more about our inspirational people click here.


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