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Our convenience-retail-app month is finished! Here's some of the key take-homes from our August campaign...

Author: Rachel Laiolo

We are feeling reminiscent as our August MyStore+ campaign comes to a close and a new campaign month opens. Our MyStore+ campaign delved into the adoption of technology and it’s rise in the retail and convenience sector, creating more avenues for brands to connect with retailers.

Since its launch in May of this year, MyStore+, the brainchild of McCurrach and NewsUK, has taken the industry by storm. Our app has helped put brands in the hands of more retailers in an innovative and budget friendly way.

Through our August campaign, we identified four standout qualities that are unique to our MyStore+ app in the current market:

  1. MyStore+ the most competitive app on the market.
  2. Our partnership with News UK sees us engage a call file of 26000 retailers face-to-face on a monthly/daily basis. These relationships and regular engagement ensures the MyStore+ app’s constant growth as we continue to add new retailers at pace.
  3. We’re benefiting from our decision to consult retailers during the app’s design phase last year.  Doing so has delivered a solution that has the retailer at the heart of it, making it simple for them to engage, take action and communicate.
  4. Our controls are strong, whether that’s ensuring new retailers signing up are real and engaged or ensuring reward redemption are valid.
  5. Brands can use the MyStore+ app to break into the convenience space or to simply support their existing convenience field sales operation, in an efficient and cost-effective way.
  6. For brands that come on board as a category sponsor now, we have entry level offers where the costs can be fixed for 2 years, irrespective of the growth in retail members. For offers, there is no charge to brands for posting offers and rewards, the only cost is when retailers redeem their rewards i.e. brands only pay for success. We are confident this makes

If you’re appetite has been whetted by our MyStore+ campaign, you can find out more about the app here, and keep your eyes peeled for an invitation to our MyStore+ webinar.

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