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The Colgate-Palmolive team review our DART App…

Author: Rachel Laiolo

We could talk about our DART data app all day, but we thought it was time you heard from our Colgate-Palmolive team who are using it to deliver value in-store.

In May, we talked about our new client, Colgate-Palmolive, using the combination of permanent and agile resource to deliver an innovative operational model that uses data to quickly unlock opportunities and drive more value. Both teams are led by our DART data solution to fully optimise coverage.

DART is our user-friendly EPOS Analytics solution. The main purpose of DART is to enable field teams to access data quickly and easily in order to be more efficient and effective during their store visits. We asked our Colgate-Palmolive field team to feedback on what DART has done for them… 

Territory Manager, Angie Connolly, credits DART for her self-confidence in presenting to store colleagues due to how accurate the information is. She also finds the app easy to navigate and is able to locate the information she’s looking for quickly. Another member of the team, Sophie Keen, says her favourite thing about DART is that she can identify in-store issues before she even walks into the store! The whole team agree that DART is a great tool for identifying opportunities versus the previous solution they used.

The team highlight the ability to scan barcodes as a key feature which they enjoy using to quickly input interventions, instead of manually inputting each product. The Top Performing SKUs page was also cited as a useful feature because it delivers store specific, tailored selling stories to allow them to capitalise on any incremental space opportunities. The consensus from the team was that DART has been a game changer for them.


What the client said...

After undergoing an extensive RFP process, we selected McCurrach as our Retail Field Sales business partner because of their innovative approach to driving sales and leveraging data and analytics to deliver results on the ground. It was through McCurrach’s ability to deliver and implement an advanced, tailored data solution, accompanied with their strong management that made for a successful and seamless transition, and has already started to deliver strong results in-store, and improved ROI. Matthew Dee, Retail Marketing Manager, Colgate-Palmolive.



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