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MyStore+: what’s in it for retailers?

Author: Rachel Laiolo

This is part two of our two-part ‘The Benefits of MyStore+’ blogs which look into the advantages of signing up to the app if you’re a brand or a retailer. Today we will be covering the benefits of MyStore+ for retailers including how they can use the app to grow their business, how they can receive rewards, and how they can build relationships with brands to name a few.

So, what are the benefits for you and your store?

MyStore+ makes it simple for retailers to grow their business through access to advice, offers, rewards and insights from leading brands across multiple categories. Our app puts an end to retailers having to go to multiple sources in order to grow their business; MyStore+ puts it all in one free to access app.

Category and brand advice directly enables retailers to grow their business by helping them stock the right products and planogram their space to maximise sales. Brands will also be offering retailers rewards in return for following advice, meaning they can earn prizes whilst also growing their business. This sharing of information is two-way, and retailers can offer brands insight into their store and the marketplace through the app for extra rewards.

The MyStore+ app ensures that brands and retailers can stay connected 24/7 through the chat function within the app. This function was created to give retailers a personal connection to brands and build lasting B2B relationships.

Since it’s launch in May, we’ve received an abundance of positive feedback from stores using the app. Pal xxx frequently uses the app and recommends it to other local retailers:

 “The app is great! I’ve been using it since my rep introduced me to it a few months ago. It’s great to be rewarded for stocking certain brands – I’ve already received £10! I also use the app for quick tips and help for planning out my store fixtures. I can’t wait to see what other audits and offers appear, I advise all retailers start using this amazing app.” – Pal, Convenience Store Owner in Christchurch.

To find out how you could start earning rewards, please get in contact with us here.

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