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MyStore+: what’s in it for brands?

Author: Rachel Laiolo

Part one of our two-part ‘The Benefits of MyStore+’ blogs will look into the advantages of signing up to the app if you’re a brand. This will be followed with ‘MyStore+: What’s in it for retailers?’ to give a 360 insight into how both parties can gain value from our convenience retail app.

So, how could your brand benefit from signing up to MyStore+?

Simply put, MyStore+ literally puts your brand in the hands of convenience retailers. MyStore+ enables sales growth by connecting brands with the largest number of engaged convenience retailers across the UK – and they’re always connected. Signing up to the app gives brands the opportunity to request quick action from retailers in return for rewards.

The app provides easy management and real time communication between brand and retailer, with brands able to directly influence retailers by supplying them with advice, offers and rewards - at any time. Brands should use this as a tool to influence retailers to take action, whether that's buying your product, supplying insight or improving execution.

MyStore+ is an efficient tool to directly improve in-store sales and execution, while receiving real time insight from convenience retailers in return. As all data is fed back to the brand in real time, it even reduces the need for face to face field coverage making it very budget friendly.

Our MyStore+ app was built with both brands and retailers in mind. Our aim was to deliver high quality rewards to retailers with as little impact on brand’s pockets as possible. For this reason, we are running a promotion for brands looking to sign up to MyStore+. Brands that come on board as a category sponsors will now be given an entry level offer where the annual cost can be fixed for 2 years, irrespective of the growth in retail members. For offers, there is no charge to brands for posting offers and rewards, the only cost is when retailers redeem their rewards i.e. brands only pay for success. We are confident this makes MyStore+ the most competitive app on the market.

To find out how you could benefit from this promotion, please get in contact with us here.

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