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Meet the Team: Ben Tobin and Ion Motoc talk about how a great working relationship helps them stay in sync and drive ROI for our client

Territory Managers are the foundation of our field sales operations, but for some of our clients we also have a telephone account team that are just as important. For clients who have both, the relationship between Territory Managers and Telephone Account Managers is vital to ensure that we deliver maximum value for our clients and customers, helping them sell more.

We sat down with Ben Tobin, Telephone Account Manager and Ion Motoc, Territory Manger who work on our Unilever Ice Cream Now account. We were keen to see how their close relationship helps them both to achieve high ROI for our client, and how important it is for them to work in sync.

Both Ben and Ion have only been with us since January 2019 but were very eager to talk about how well they work together, discussing how they’ve managed to align their process as efficiently as possible whilst helping each other to reach their goals. Both play a role in getting Unilever’s ice cream products into restaurants up and down the country, ensuring that some of the biggest brands in ice cream are available in your local takeaway restaurants.

Ben: “When booking in appointments for Ion I’m always acutely aware of how much of a difference my actions on a call can make to the success of the appointment. Engagement and information are key, and I need to make sure that I have hooked the Key Decision Maker (KDM) once I’ve finished the call because it’s paramount that they do two things: 1. Remember the appointment and 2. Is excited and ready for the offer that Ion will bring to the table. I also make sure I gather as much intel from the KDM as I possibly can, as every piece of information gives Ion a better chance of understanding the KDM and their needs.

Once I’ve had the initial call, I’ll pass the appointment info over to Ion who will figure out the best strategy for in-person success.”

Ion: “I knew from the beginning that if we wanted to achieve great results we would have to work as one. The most important part for me is having respect for my Telephone Account Manager and for his work. I’ve realised how important Ben’s job is and how difficult it can be; I know it’s not easy to get an appointment so it takes hard work and skill to get one. It’s for that reason I’ve never rejected an appointment and I always try to reach all of them, no matter how far apart they are.”

Ben: “Ion works in a rural area, so a large part of his role involves driving. I always try my best to take into account the amount of time he will need between appointments. As a Telephone Account Manager you need to be considerate of how physically demanding the travel between appointments can be, as ignoring this could be the difference between a relationship succeeding or failing.”

Ion: “What’s also important to us is that we take into consideration each other’s suggestions and situations. If I ever have a personal issue I let Ben know and get his support every time, and vice versa. That’s what makes us so efficient; we share everything. We share our ideas, both good and bad. We share success. We share victories and defeats. He’s part of my success and I think that’s great.”

With such a tight working relationship, we wanted to know what things they really enjoyed about their roles.

Ben: “Something I really enjoy about this role is how Ion and I work together to achieve our goals. Even though we live and work at opposite ends of the country, we can still have a huge impact on each other’s days. I love seeing positive results after collaborating with Ion on an appointment.”

Ion: “I enjoy people. It might sound strange, but I love to work with and meet people. All kinds of people. This job gives me the opportunity to meet lots of different characters, be part of their story and part of their success. Our product is the UK’s number one and that makes me feel proud to be part of this team. Also, working with different restaurants is absolutely amazing. To see how a restaurant is a Local Legend and to meet the person behind all that hard work; it’s really amazing.”

Ultimately, it is trust and communication between both the Territory Manager and the Telephone Account Manager which matters most in their relationship.

Ben: “Trust is one of the most important things in the Territory Manager / Telephone Account Manager relationship. Ion must trust that I’m going to do my best to engage the customer and make them excited about the product and their upcoming appointment, and I need to trust that Ion will work hard to close the sale once I’ve got his foot in the door. We both need to communicate effectively and respect each other and our roles. This is something I feel myself and Ion both do as, without this, we could not work successfully as a team.”

Ion: “I have always believed that communication is the key to success for any team. We’re on the phone every day, even if is not related to work. We have regular courtesy calls and that’s really cool because we are in touch constantly. Also, every Monday we have a call when we plan for the week ahead. 

The guidance we’ve got from the business so far is truly very helpful and useful. And here we are, after only 3 months we are doing great things.”

We value relationships here at McCurrach, between our employees and our clients. We’d like to thank Ben and Ion for taking the time to answer our questions and giving us some insight into how they work together to achieve success.

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