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What do you do when the industry trends towards agile resource? Deliver faster than ever Activation On Demand, of course!

Author: Rachel Laiolo

In today’s fast paced retail environment, there is a trending need for more agility from field sales service providers.

With that in mind we begun an investigation to see if there was more that we could do to be more efficient when deploying Activation jobs to our people in the field. This resulted in us building and launching new technology to help us get the right people into the right stores in the fastest way possible. The creation of a new digital portal enables us to serve clients in an easier and more responsive way than ever before, all through the use of automation.

Get the job done in just 48 hours!

The concept is simple: automatically connect agile workers to jobs based on a set of criteria via a digital platform. Each of our people complete a profile, detailing their experience, skills, mobility and general location which allows the system to automatically invite the best matched people to do the job based on the client criteria. It’s also great for our people as they can accept work and get paid all on the one system.

Once the job is accepted by an Activator, we promise to reach desired outlets to complete the job within 48 hours. You can rest easy in the knowledge that anyone who works on your brand campaign will have the right skillset, experience and tools to do exactly what they need to do in-store to drive client value.

The future of Activation On Demand is here now with DART:

Further value can be unlocked through layering On Demand Activation with our DART EPOS analytics solution, which also has an automated connection to the booking system enabling it to send daily alerts and automatically set tasks.

Our digital approach is set to revolutionise On Demand skilled resource deployment and help brands to sell more, quickly and effectively.

We are constantly innovating to deliver more value to our clients in all of our processes, and this innovation is just the next step in our agile resource evolution. Keep an eye out for further innovation and launches via on our LinkedIn feed! 

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