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Our secret to getting quality retailers on our MyStore+ app

Author: Rachel Laiolo

With the number of retailers on our MyStore+ app growing steadily, we thought we’d let you in on our secret to attracting engaged retailers to the app.

For us, there’s no benefit in having high numbers of invalid retailers who don’t want to connect with the rewards on offer. To ensure we get quality and quantity, we have a set of processes in place to ensure that each and every one of our retailers are the engaged people we want to connect with brands.

How our sign-up process keeps our retailer pool engaged

Initially, when the MyStore+ app was launched, a large portion of the retailers signing up were already known to us through our News UK Territory Managers (TMs). Having worked with these retailers closely, their engagement rates weren’t brought into question, making their onboarding process straightforward.

As the MyStore+ app has started to gain traction out with our known retailer circles, unknown retailers across the UK started signing up to receive rewards and further information from the brands they stock. In order to ensure these retailers were engaged, we rolled out our store verification process.

For all retailers registering on the MyStore+ app, their businesses details need to be provided, including names of all the stores under the business. This information is corroborated with our convenience store data set which combines historical data we’ve collected along with data collected by News UK on convenience stores. This data set is the largest in the industry, including thousands of retailers, the brands they stock and what they stock. This data set helps us to ensure we are signing up top of the line retailers so that brands signing up to the MyStore+ app are getting the best ROI possible.

Our engagement rates speak for themselves

So far, our sign-up process has had a 100% success rate, and our engagement statistics further demonstrate the benefits of having a strict registration process in place.

We’ve given out thousands of pounds worth of rewards to retailers who have engaged with offers on the app. A further 3rd of retailers on the app have taken part in our Sun Savers audit, which required them to send in a picture of the Sun on their news stand to receive rewards. Currently, MyStore+ retailers are logging in to the app over twice a day which is set to grow as our sign-up rate does.

Our recent figures speak volumes to the benefit of our MyStore+ store verification process. The app puts brand advice in the hands retailers who we guarantee are engaged and who want to grow their business through brand interaction.

To expose your brand to our pool of retailers, please get in contact with us here.

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