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Are collaborative agency partnerships key to unlock client value?

The retail environment is changing, and with it so are its consumers and clients. With these environmental shifts comes the opportunity for agencies to collaborate and leverage their subject matter expertise to create mutually beneficial relationships. It’s our opinion that these inter agency relationships are becoming increasingly valuable as they not only deliver benefits for the agencies involved, but their clients too. Who says 1+1 can’t =3?

In this series, we’ve explored the changing environment and how this has forced the way sales agencies need to evolve. In a world where clients leverage the power of expert agencies across a range of areas, the topic of agency collaboration comes up regularly. However, it’s often the case in our industry that agencies see each other as competitors rather than possible partners. There is untapped potential here to unlock more value for the client, enabling a win:win:win relationship for clients and agencies alike.

A great example of collaboration in our own business is the partnership we have with FCRS, where we work together to help clients unlock value in the convenience sector by leveraging the power of our combined data.

McCurrach Strategy and Marketing Director, Gordon Neil, comments:

“We’ve worked with Karen and Howard from FCRS for over five years now. We recognised that the convenience market was lacking in quality EPOS data, so we looked for a partner. FCRS have built a fantastic set of EPOS data that’s wholly representative of the broader convenience market so they were perfect for us.

Since then we’ve collaborated closely to sell more for clients by establishing the value that field teams deliver and to evolve the strategy for coverage and in-store focus. By combining our data sets we can ensure we’re in the right stores with the right agenda to maximise ROI. For us and for our clients, it’s great to know that the insight is coming from an unbiased source who are data experts. Yes, it tells us some hard truths about what’s working and what isn’t, but it ultimately helps us sell more for clients.”

FCRS Owner, Karen Gosford, comments:

“Our relationship with McCurrach has helped us deliver more value for clients. McCurrach are unique in the fact that they’re completely open to working collaboratively with us, no other sales agency works with us like that. They bring all of their rich insight to the table when we meet, and we share data insights and views on the industry openly to maximise client value. We’ve found McCurrach to be the most insightful and innovative sales agency we’ve ever worked with; we love collaborating with them and feel that our collaboration results in a true win for our clients.”

If you’d like to know more about possible partnership opportunities with McCurrach, get in touch with us at enquiries@mccurrach.co.uk.


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