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4 lessons the retail industry can learn from hospitality

You have your favourite restaurant, we all do, but what it is that keeps you going back time and time again? Is it the food? The value? The service? Or that you just associate this establishment with the feel-good factor?

Much like the retail industry, hospitality is highly competitive. Brands and establishments are all competing against each for the same customers. They have to make sure they create concepts that work and ensure their customers return as well as bringing in new customers, and we believe that the retail industry could learn a thing or two from their approach.

So, what’s their secret?

There is no big secret to luring consumers, or is there? In recent times promotion and practicality in retail may have won over of emotional impact, and all in a time when consumers want more for their money.

It’s time for retail to make some changes to evoke an emotional response from consumers. Here are four lessons we think retail can learn from hospitality:

  1. They put customers first: As soon as a guest enters an establishment they are greeted warmly because the staff want each customer to feel like an individual. They make sure customer expectations and requirements are met rom the offset, always going above and beyond. By ensuring each customer is treated to the highest standard, customers are helped to create memorable experiences rather than mere transactions.

  2. They understand the importance of Customer Service: Retail employees are trained to maximise efficiency; they merchandise as quickly as possible and funnel a stream of customers through the checkouts, or even worse – self-checkouts. The customer has almost taken a backseat become a conflict of interest at peak times, pulling staff away from other tasks. When customers are made to feel welcome, they will spend more time here and are also likely to spend more. They’ll also reflect on this the next time they're considering where to shop.

  3. They take advantage of Social Media: The hospitality industry has successfully utilised the rise of social media to transform how they engage with their customers through visuals, teasing copy, promos and guest bloggers. In addition to this, they’ve even often designed their interior décor specifically to encourage photography while in venue. Images taken by consumers act as recommendations which drives organic brand awareness – and it’s free!

  4. They create journeys for diners during their visits: The hospitality industry builds a clear journey for customer. Every part of a visit is scripted to ensure the customer feels they have had a great experience, from the welcome to the goodbye. This creates that all important feel-good factor which will ensure they return time and time again.

Wave specialise in creating brilliant brand experiences, ensuring consumers feel something amazing and leave with a lasting memory of their brand experience. To learn more about what Wave can do for your brand, get in touch with our Wave team here.