Training and Advocacy

We never apply a one size fits all approach. We'll help you decide on the optimum mix to deliver the best ROI.


Training and advocacy programmes designed to ensure your customers sell more for your brand when you can't be there to do it yourself.

We'll design a tailored approach to training your customers - from face to face to digital, from one-to-one to group, from traditional learning models to gamified platforms. This is all designed to deliver a unique experience that turns customers into true advocates of your brand. We apply blended learning to inform and educate customers about your brand in a way that suits their learning style, ensuring they gain the knowledge, confidence and advocacy to sell your brand and products to consumers over that of your competition.

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Face to face training

Training in person helps your customers develop deep emotional connections with your brand. Getting them hands on with your product fosters brand attachment, and combined with different training styles and approaches, this is how we'll win their hearts and minds. Our data and operations teams will work with you to develop a bespoke model that hits the most valuable outlets at the optimum frequency, for maximum ROI. 

  • 1:1 sessions when the personal experience will raise a colleague's knowledge and advocacy 
  • 1:many sessions when you need to train larger teams with a consistent message
  • Online sessions through digital platforms to get to hard to reach customers, or run quick and simple learning sessions 
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Brand events for your customers

Events are a fantastic tool to encourage your customers to learn about your brand in a fun and informal way. Sometimes held out of hours at central locations, these events are designed not only to further immerse your customers in your brand, but also to encourage them to network with like minded peers.

Creating this community is a powerful way to reaffirm your brand's mantra when you're not there, as the community will self satisfy queries, create discussion, and share best practice amongst itself. 

  • Create unique and memorable experiences
  • Get customers up close with your products in an exciting and informal way 
  • Increase popularity amongst your customer network 
  • Create a community that satisfies its own queries 

Digital learning and engagement

We combine a series of online resources across digital channels and platforms to build optimum training and education programmes for your customer audience. By giving them a toolkit they can use anywhere, at any time, they will learn in the best way for them, at a speed that works for them. Our resources also help you build online communities who will engage with each other to answer their own questions and queries with minimal input from trainers. 

  • Digital and online tools that are a continuous source of learning
  • Enable your customers to learn in the best way for them, at the most convenient times
  • Use a blend of popular platforms from social to e-learning portals that customers are familiar with for optimum engagement  
  • Create powerful online communities who help each other

Incentive and advocacy programmes

Our teams build elite networks of brand champions within your customer base, who will act on your behalf when you're not there. They will become the source of knowledge in their area, that others can go to for support as a first port of call. You'll soon find that your customer audience will compete with one another for the prestigious elite champion position, particularly if it comes with perks like product demo kit for personal use, and access to invitation only events. 

  • Build a network of elite brand champions who will train customers on your behalf in a train the trainer style initiative 
  • Reward them with incentives when they encourage others to take action, all tracked digitally
  • Create competition from the wider customer audience to be the champion in their area 
  • Building more advocates means higher recommendation rates, ultimately leading to more sales

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