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Integrate the optimum mix of modular solutions to help your sales and execution teams sell more.


Give your brand the competitive edge at the point of purchase


We make sure your products are available, visible, and front of mind for consumers, by understanding and influencing the point of purchase better than anyone else. We leverage sales, brand and customer expertise, combined with outstanding relationships, to build your brand presence and execute flawlessly. This is unlocked through a tailored service, built to deliver your strategy and goals through multiple touch points, whether that’s face to face, on the phone or digitally.

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Face to face

Face to face interaction with customers remains one of the best ways to influence sales and execution. Our expertise lies in the agility to deliver that through different approaches and resources, maximising our ability to sell, and saving money by eliminating waste. We recognise that your brand has variable demand, requiring attention in different locations, at different times, with different objectives, something that can only be unlocked with agile resources:

  • Permanent sales teams to deliver value in your largest opportunity customers
  • Seasonal sales teams to deliver your peak season requirements
  • ‘On Demand’ skilled teams to close gaps and unlock opportunities anywhere at any time, fast,
  • Tactical Activation to deliver your event, promotion and POS needs

On the Phone

Whether it’s lead generation, direct selling, maintenance, or inbound customer care, telesales can play a key role. Our telesales teams can work on their own or integrate with a face to face sales teams to unlock value, efficiently. They can also move rapidly from outbound to inbound calling, optimising your customer care. Backed by technology that makes them efficient, you can rely on our teams to get the most value out of the time they spend engaging with customers.  

  • Inbound or outbound call capability to deliver your needs
  • Permanent teams to deliver value and relationships on an ongoing basis
  • Campaign focused teams for short terms bursts of activity
  • Standalone or fully integrated with field team 

Digital Engagement

Digital engagement as a tool to sell and execute has grown rapidly, with customers more willing to engage digitally to get the advice they need to grow their business. We have designed and adopted a range of tools to inform, educate and support your customers, influencing how they execute and sell your product through their business. This is an efficient way to influence a set of customers who are tough to reach by other means, or don’t deliver ROI through more expensive methods of selling and executing. Alternatively, digital can integrate with other approaches to keep your message front of mind:

  • Tools, apps and approaches that can influence your customers
  • Always on approach, enabling your customers to engage when the time is right for them
  • Create captive audiences of customers, making sure you’re always influencing them
  • Integrate with other approaches to keep your message front of mind, all the time

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