Consumer engagement

We help you turn consumers into buyers through a blend of conversation, engagement and education. Talk to us about how best to execute your consumer strategy.

We'll engage directly with your consumers wherever they meet your brand, whether that's online or in person, and convert them into buyers.

We can deliver your goals, whether that's to influence sales, actively sell the product, deliver educational messages or put the product in the hands of the consumer to sample for themselves. Our Brand Ambassadors also gather valuable data and insight, which we use to improve future brand experiences.


Engaging experiences to convert consumers through Promoter and Brand Ambassador teams

Our team will match you with passionate ambassadors from our extensive network, to immerse in your brand, so they convert consumers into buyers in every interaction, both online and in person. They will embody your core values and ethos, using the skills we give them to engage consumers and get them to make a purchase decision.

  • Temporary and seasonal teams to help you manage your peak opportunities
  • Permanent teams to manage shop in shop locations or for year round demand 
  • Online video powered engagement through our strategic partnership with Go Instore
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Get your brand into the hands of large crowds with product sampling activities

From NPD launches to attention grabbing events, we'll match you with the best talent for your sampling activities. Our sampling activities can be as simple or as immersive as required to create the best physical or digital interaction for your brand. We'll take care of everything from defining KPIs ahead of activity, to selecting the best locations to optimise value, to delivering operations on the ground: 

  • Reach large crowds of people at pace
  • Increase brand awareness and engagement 
  • Integrate simple sampling activities with digital engagement campaigns
  • Capture data and insight to set brand strategy


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