Brand insight

Get a 360 view of your product performance and perception, whether that's for a one off campaign or on an ongoing basis.

Get an invaluable customer and consumer eye view of your brand

See what your customer or consumer sees at the point of purchase. Combine that with what they think, and it becomes even more powerful. Whether you want a qualitative or quantitative snapshot, or a regular read, we can support you. Our services enable you to mystery shop, capture what the customer thinks to improve your sell to them, or establish what your execution looks like at the point of purchase to create an action plan to improve visibility. 


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Customer insight

Knowing what your customers think of your brand and how they execute it in their business is critical, it’s how you work out how best to sell your brand to them. Whether it’s what they think about NPD, a rebrand, promotions or competitors, this insight can be used to shape strategy, create sales toolkits and figure out how you engage with your customer, all of which will help you sell more:

  • Learn what they think about your brand, enabling you to provide them better advice, better sales arguments and better kit to drive visibility 
  • Use personal feedback from your customers to establish sentiment and drive your customer marketing strategy
  • Digital, crowd and skilled auditors available, enabling us to fit your requirements and budget

Consumer insight

The consumer defines whether your brand succeeds. Getting inside their head and seeing the world through their eyes is gold. We help you learn how the consumer experiences your brand at all the points in the shopping journey. This insight can be used to shape how you market, display and sell your brand to consumers, giving you the edge you brand need to win:    

  • Consumer crowds provide a real consumer view in the moment
  • Brand and consumer matched mystery shoppers delivering a full quantitative and qualitative set of insight 
  • Digital and online questionnaires enable large sample insight with pace and on a budget

Execution insight

Gathering insight on the execution of your brand at the point of purchase enables a live view of what’s happening and drives action. Crowdsourced teams are used to unlock agility and efficiency, enabling you to get a consumer's eye view any time you need it, either through a one off, or program of activity. We capture insight on availability, visibility, display, and price of your brand in any location: 

  • Establish how well your product is executed vs the competition
  • Investigate at specific times of the day or days of the week, where you believe you have execution challenges, and use the insight to act
  • Gather insight in the places your field team don’t reach, providing valuable intel on your brand

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