EPOS analytics in Multiple Retail

Built in partnership with Retail Insight, the beauty of DART is in making complex EPOS data simple and direct for the user. It does this by starting with execution at the shelf in mind, the only place that matters because it’s where the consumer meets the product. 

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DART releases the hidden value in your EPOS

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DART is an opportunity, alerting and sales performance application suite. It uses retailer's daily EPOS data to direct users to the biggest sales opportunities for brands and SKUs. It has been proven to unlock significant sales growth, whilst making the teams who use it more efficient.

DART is the driver of:

  • An evaluation and directive tool for head office teams - from supply chain, to sales, to category and shopper marketing
  • Direction for field teams, showing them the biggest opportunity stores and in-store interventions
  • A directive tool for agile teams, ensuring no opportunity is missed 

At head office

Head Office teams use DART to empower their commercial and supply chain teams. It drives growth by enabling them to make informed decisions, based on easy to read and up to date data. DART directs the user towards trends, opportunities, performance and actions that deliver sales growth. 

It does this by using the raw EPOS data straight from retailer portals every day and processing it through the DART engine, which identifies opportunities and issues at SKU, region and store level:

  • Tailored views based on role, enabling every user to get insight and direction that’s relevant to their role
  • Directed analytics, enabling users to move quickly to action, without the need to do the analysis themselves
  • Agile, enabling the user to build their own analytics, getting them quickly from question to answer
  • Tailored to each retailer, enabling the user to talk the retailer’s language
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In the field

Field sales teams use DART to optimise the direction of their resource, ensuring that they are always in the right place, at the right time, with the right direction to sell more. Every visit has value adding interventions to be made. Alerts and sales analysis identify where the biggest opportunities are and directs users to specific value adding locations in store. This saves them time when they cross the door. This insight is provided to the field team in an easy to use, simple and action led interface, allowing them to be more efficient and effective in-store:

  • Can be used to direct permanent and agile teams, enabling action to be taken in the right place at the right time
  • Simple for the user, meaning they are taking action, not analysing data
  • Visualised to create compelling reasons for the retailer to say yes, minimising objections and enabling the intervention to be made
  • Tailored to each retailer, enabling the user to talk the retailer’s language 

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