EPOS analytics in Convenience Retail

Our ability to source and analyse EPOS data in the convenience market brings light to a sector that has long remained dark for brands. Working in partnership with In Touch, we have the largest, most in depth read of convenience data available, covering over 10,000 EPOS terminals across the UK. Our data is at transaction level, creating the ability to bring a level of actionable insight that has never been seen in the sector before, driving brand strategy and operational action. 

Actionable insight in convenience at a scale never seen before


At head office

Head office teams use our convenience analytics to set their strategy and define where the biggest growth opportunities exist. We have the ability to understand distribution, rate of sale, price, market share and what else is in the consumers basket by retailer, by geography, by day, and by time of day. This creates an invaluable source of insight to drive thinking and action. Insight is available as a one off read or as an ongoing program:

  • The largest read of EPOS data available in the channel, putting brands one step ahead of their competition
  • Tailored views based on need, enabling every brand to get insight and direction that’s relevant to them
  • Actionable insight, enabling brands to move quickly to action, without the need to do the analysis themselves
  • Transaction level data enables brands to understand their products role and drivers within the sector better than ever before, driving brand execution strategy and action
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In store

Analytics can be used to inform field sales strategy and direct teams towards specific stores to take action. The depth of data enables brands to define the right scale, call file and strategy for their field sales teams. Store specific data then allows brands to direct their team to specific stores with specific actions, having identified gaps and opportunities to sell more. Field teams can be enabled with a sales toolkit that helps them to engage with the retailer in a way never available before, talking to them specifically about their store. The insight can also be used to direct digital messages, offers or coupons to specific retailers to take action, giving both brand and retailer the opportunity to sell more:

  • Direct field sales strategy and action, giving more certainty over ROI optimisation and unlocking efficiency
  • Simple direction and toolkit for field sales, focusing them on value adding interventions
  • Connect insight to digital content to influence retailer to act without the need to visit the store
  • Point consumer marketing through couponing to retailers to influence retailer action and consumer purchase, instantly driving sales


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