Corporate Social Responsibility Policy


At McCurrach, we recognise that our business does not operate in isolation to the world that we live in.  Our colleagues depend on our business.  Our Principals, suppliers and local communities are all affected by the business and what we do.  The services that we provide and how we deliver these also have an impact on the environment.

Corporate Social Responsibility is about understanding our business’ impact on the wider world and considering how we can use this impact in a positive way.

As an employer and a consumer, we recognise our corporate responsibility commitments in our role working in the Field Services Marketing industry.

The purpose of this policy is to clarify what we mean by corporate responsibility and what steps we have put in place to assist with the changes needed to sustain the environment in our wider community.  It provides a reference point for us on the values which drive the conduct of our business and relationships with the people we deal with.   This policy applies to all colleagues and will govern our approach to all of our activities with Principals, Partners and the wider communities in which we work.

Underlying Philosophy

Our commitment to corporate social responsibility encompasses our whole business.  The key areas we have adopted to bring sustainability into reality are as follows :  Values & Ethics, The Environment, Community and Charitable Causes.

  1.  Values and Ethics

McCurrach is committed to ensuring that our business is conducted in all aspects according to rigorous ethical, professional and legal standards.  We expect everyone at work to live by the McCurrach core values of :  Doing the Right Thing for our Principals, Developing People, Knowing Our Stuff,  Actively Improving our Offer, Relationships Matter, and Making Things Happen.

  1.  The Environment

We recognise that our business activities have both a direct and indirect impact on the territories in which we operate.  We endeavour to manage these is a responsible manner and are dedicated to maintaining the ethos of reducing our carbon footprint, both direct and indirect, as a long term business goal.

The aim of our policy is to be aware of the environment in which we live and work, and to take all measures to protect these surroundings.  Our policy on environment and sustainability therefore concentrates on the following areas: 

  • Transport :  the Company’s car fleet is our largest environmental consideration. We will aim wherever possible to reduce carbon emissions involved in transport
  • Energy :   we will minimise use of energy consumption wherever practical
  • Waste :  we will minimise the consumption of natural resources and ensure that we actively seek suitable alternatives. 

Further information can be found in the McCurrach Environmental Policy, detailed in the Colleague Handbook.

  1.  Community And Charitable Causes

McCurrach is committed to ensuring that our communities have access to as much opportunity as possible to live developed and fulfilling lives.   In particular, we have identified youth unemployment as a particular concern.  We believe that young people are the future of the economies and communities that we work in, and that independence, self confidence, and employability are key factors in community sustainability.

McCurrach aims to ensure that young people who may be disadvantaged in seeking a career, have the chance to learn about, and gain experience in our industry. 

In this regard, we aim to offer 50 young people annually, the opportunity to join us for 6 weeks’ paid work experience and learning, that will enhance their independence, self confidence and employability.

Thereafter, we aim to ensure that at least 10% of those young people have the skills and abilities to go on to a permanent role, either within McCurrach or employment elsewhere.

In addition, we aim to support Grocery Aid as our preferred charitable partner.  This means that we commit to both fundraising and the giving of our time to support the charity’s goals.  McCurrach are a Gold Achievement Award winner in recognition of the exceptional support that McCurrach has given in the past.