Elizabeth Black

"Everyone wants you to succeed!"

Elizabeth Black is a Telephone Account Manager in our financial services team. Here, she tells us all about her personal McCurrach experience.

"What I love most about McCurrach is that it still has a friendly family culture and all levels of the business take an interest in you and share your success. Everyone wants you to succeed!If I were to describe the company in 3 words I would say Progressive, Friendly and Caring. The company takes part in a lot of charity events and allows us to make time for these. They also do lots of engaging activities like ‘Learning at Work’ week and all are encouraged to take part or attend. From my interview it was very clear that McCurrach was a company I would enjoy working for. I was instantly put at ease when arriving in reception; 3 people walking past said hello to me! I have only been with the company for a little over a year and I have already been promoted into a senior role within my team and have been successful in joining the MAP programme which is a learning and development programme. McCurrach is continually evolving and opening up new opportunities. If you work hard you will be rewarded. I feel very lucky to work here. We are treated very well and rewarded well for what we do. I feel encouraged to be the best I can be."

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