We operate in multiple sectors, but our specialist teams work hard to understand the demands and challenges of three core industries; financial services, grocery and technology. This means we can deliver specialist, tailored services that align with our clients’ needs.


We’ve been operating in the grocery sector since the company was established in 1898. Learning and growing over decades of work, we have worked with numerous global brands and as a result are the largest grocery field sales operator in the UK.

We ensure that FMCG brands reach their full potential by maximising distribution, visibility and availability of products. Our specialist team benefit from ongoing training and support and we have built excellent relationships with major retailers and supermarkets, ensuring we can always add value to your sales and marketing strategies.

We typically deliver a client return on investment in excess of £2 profit for every £1 invested. This is achieved through our ongoing efforts to deliver services that are effective and cost efficient; a reflection of our brand’s dedication to continuous improvement.

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Financial Services

We’ve been operating in financial services for over 10 years, providing major UK brands with dedicated sales and account management teams.

Whether we’re promoting features and benefits to intermediaries or supporting your internal teams, we can help sell your key financial products to your target market. Because we know that cost and flexibility is key, we can size and scale our solutions to provide you with a bespoke and highly cost-effective service.

McCurrach Financial Services Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and we have vast experience in the financial sector, so no matter which product or solution you need our support with, you can be sure that our professional and experienced team are working hard to achieve your objectives and deliver real return on investment.

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We help technology brands improve their bottom line by creating brand advocates and selling their products and software solutions direct to their target customers.

As training specialists we can support the staff who work for your retail partners; enhancing their selling skills and improving their product expertise. This creates knowledgeable brand advocates who can confidently sell your products.

Our own Brand Ambassador Teams can also connect directly with customers in-store, offering advice and demonstrations while maximising the potential for sales.

Our unique Technology Academy offers training and skills development opportunities to our brand ambassador teams and all other colleagues within the technology department. This ensures we’re the most effective field sales force in the industry; taking advantage of every possibility to increase sales and market share for our clients.

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Find out more about the techniques and tactics we use to continuously increase sales for our global clients. 

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